Best All-in-One File Share, Sync, and Endpoint Backup Solutions

February 18, 2020

Few enterprises may not need the complete gamut of services that few vendors are providing. It is ideal for the decision-makers in enterprises to create a checklist and map their needs against a few chosen vendors and then work out the cost and the nature of the contract. Here are a few top choices of 2019 to be considered while evaluating the file sharing and backup solution providers.

Cloud storage, file sharing, and backup service providers are often all-in-one solutions to issues faced by enterprises, especially SMBs. Common problems include team collaboration, 24/7 availability, remote working, reduced cost, data safety, and data security compliance, distributed locations, and speed of interaction and seamless communication.

So you've decided that moving to the cloud is the right fit for your organization. How do you choose from the huge range of service providers on the market today?

Based on the business needs and goals of an enterprise, the choices may vary, and not all solutions will meet the needs of all enterprises. On the other hand, smaller or niche enterprises may not need the complete gamut of services that some vendors are providing. It is ideal for the decision-makers in any enterprise to create a checklist and map their needs against a few chosen vendors and then work out the cost and the nature of the contract. Here are a few top choices of 2020 to be considered, when evaluating the file sharing and backup solution providers.


Microsoft OneDrive

This file-sharing product comes from a premier provider, Microsoft, and allows people to access their files, from anywhere, using any device -- all changes made will then be reflected across all devices. Offline access is also provided for better productivity, and sharing and collaborating is quite easy. Since the files are stored on OneDrive, there is no fear of losing data, or of any security issues, as it is SSL encrypted. OneDrive combined with Office365 allows people to set expiry links to the files shared for better security.

Files can be accessed based on demand, saving local space. The solution supports single sign-on, as well as Windows, Mac, and Web clients. Seamless integration with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, and Microsoft Teams and outstanding mobile app support, audit logs, and file conflict management are just a few other attractive features of OneDrive. This is especially suitable for businesses focused on Microsoft products, as it makes your workplace smarter, faster and more productive.

Google Drive Enterprise

Google Drive is a leader in the enterprise file sharing space, with many enterprises easily porting to the file-sharing services offered by them. The services on offer include access to Google Docs, Sheets, and more, as well as shared drives for better collaboration. Enterprise-grade security and management tools are also included in some attractively priced packages. Google also allows access via the web, mobile, or desktop with Drive File Stream and 24/7 phone and email support as well.

Google Drive is compatible with more than 100 file types making it quite a coveted product and is powered by AI to ensure you search and access the files faster. Data can be migrated with ease, and managed effectively using the tools at your disposal. There is no compromise on security whatsoever with advanced tools like Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Vault for eDiscovery and archiving Cloud Identity, and security center. Since it covers almost all the features that most small businesses look for, Google Drive is an attractive option for SMBs, who look for collaboration, integration with existing apps and file types, security and anytime access.


One of the leading enterprise-level file-access, sharing, sync, backup and file sharing solution, FileCloud offers total control of data, unparalleled branding options, and free unlimited client accounts – both online and on-premises. FileCloud stands out because of many prime features that are distinct, which is also the reason why it received Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice Distinction for Second Consecutive Time in 2019. Apart from a clear ‘value for money’ aspect that results in tangible savings, FileCloud is hosted in a secure, world-class data center infrastructure designed for up to 99.99% availability. Also, it provides unique capabilities to monitor, prevent, and fix data leakage, and thus collectively ensures your data protection at all times.

The endpoint backup for PCs, smartphones, and tablets makes it a unique solution, along with the box architecture that isolates every customer site from other customer sites for maximum security. The endpoint backup is a really powerful feature that plugs data loss and guarantees secure backup and restores across all platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux) and devices (Desktops and Smartphones). It automatically backs up media files from iOS and Android devices to FileCloud; along with automatic versioning for every change in files, it becomes a much-coveted and popular aspect of this solution. It also supports deleted file recovery, making it a complete data recovery solution.

Besides, it also offers custom branding, and the industry’s first-ever guarantee to export files to an on-premises FileCloud system, anytime. Also built-in are features like device management, integration with existing file servers, support for HIPAA, FINRA, FIPS 140-2 and GDPR compliances, and ransomware protection. With support for Windows, Linux and iOS with apps for Android and iOS, FileCloud manages to tick quite a few boxes where SMB requirements are concerned. To top it off, FileCloud also recently launched a Community Edition, which allows access for up to 5 users and a free, unlimited number of user accounts. This makes it a great option for small teams to work in complete sync and privacy.


With more than 1,000 customers, including the world’s leading brands like Appdynamics, Red Bull, Yamaha, BuzzFeed, Nasdaq, etc. EGNYTE boasts many coveted features. Among them, data governance, secure collaboration, regulatory compliances, cost reduction and risk mitigation of IT infrastructure and integration with more than 100 leading enterprise tools stand out.

EGNYTE solutions support multiple industries like Construction, Finance, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, Media and Advertising. They also offer flexible deployment models that allow for customization as well. Some of the customizable use cases are automated data retention, threat prevention, accelerate cloud migration, desktop and mobile collaboration, customized file transfer (including large files), business continuity and more.

Apart from the compliances, EGNYTE also provides single sign-on audit logs, file conflict management, and encryption that makes it quite an attractive package. The fact that it supports clients across platforms like Windows, Mac, Web, and Linux only adds to its attraction.


If a company has 70% of the Fortune 500 in its customer list, with more than 95000 companies being served, it must mean that they do have a robust and ideal product that appeals to enterprises. This must be the reason why box was recognized as an industry leader and was mentioned in the Gartner: Magic Quadrant for Content Collaboration Platforms, for the year 2018.

Features offered as part of its platform, are collaboration, security, and compliances, automated workflows, integration with more than 1000 apps, access to APIs to build on top of box, and IT administration and controls. The solutions cover multiple industries like Healthcare, Education, Retail, Construction, Life Sciences, Government, and more. They also back up their platform with consulting services that help transform your workplaces into modern digital ones. Box is an all-in-one file sharing, document and project management alternative that aims for better and more secure collaboration, and backup. box also supports single sign-on, file conflict management, encryption, and desktop and mobile apps, as well as Windows, Mac, Web and Linux clients.



By Team FileCloud