How to Satisfy Your Data Residency Requirements Using FileCloud?

Lack of physical control in the cloud brings a whole host of security concerns – data co-mingling, privileged user abuse, snapshots and backups, data deletion, data leakage, geographic regulatory requirements, cloud super-admins, and many more.

FileCloud offers data residency options, allowing customers to select the region of their choice for storing and processing data. Offers 100% flexibility where to store and process data. Can be deployed private or hybrid cloud on an infrastructure that customers control. You pick the infrastructure and location where FileCloud runs, which helps to comply with many growing strict regional privacy requirements like the European Union.

FileCloud Online is hosted in a secure, world-class data center infrastructure designed for 99.99% availability. FileCloud Online also lets customers store their data in the region of their choice, starting with Germany, Ireland, Sydney, and Bombay to satisfy any data residency requirements.FileCloud Online is a no brainer choice when it comes to choosing an enterprise file sharing and sync solution. FileCloud Online offers SMBs both EFSS and Endpoint backup in one service at a compelling price point. For a 100 user deployment, SMBs can save over 10K and get excellent ROI when compared to other cloud-based EFSS products. That’s quite a savings for SMBs

Simple, Secure Access to Enterprise Data

  •  Multiple ways to access remote enterprise data securely: Web access, Sync, Drive, Mobile Apps with 4+ stars user rating.
  •  Simple UI developed based on thousands of user feedback
  •   Alternative to archaic VPN and FTP

Secure Sharing with Multiple Custom Settings

  • Offers sharing files and folders as an open-to-public link or as a private password-protected link.
  • Provides a variety of control options which allow users to limit the number of downloads, size of uploads and expiry on a shared link
  • Share notification is a unique feature to notify the administrator if any specific file has been shared; helps with monitoring critical data.

The Simplest Way to Introduce Cloud Access to Existing File Storage

Enterprises can keep their existing processes and infrastructure as FileCloud runs on existing infrastructure; supports

  • NTFS
  •  Network shares
  • Active Directory
  • Multi-tenancy

More Cost-Effective Than Public Cloud Solutions

• One simple pricing that includes all the features and customization that typically costs extra on competing solutions.

• 3-5 times cheaper than alternatives

Total Control, Privacy, and Security

Since FileCloud utilizes the enterprises’ own servers, the IT department can be sure that data is well protected and is under their control.

Mobile Device Management to Manage BYOD workforce

• Administrators can view inventory of all the devices accessing data using FileCloud and monitor activities in real-time.

• In case of any suspicious activity, administrators can selectively block devices or permanently remove users from data-accessing.

• If users were to lose a mobile phone, the admin could remotely wipe the FileCloud data off that device, protecting confidential files

Powerful Administrator Controls and Tools

• Easy to deploy and manage thousands of users.

• Granular controls to manage user profile settings such as password, user quotas, level of access.

• The administrator dashboard provides all critical information in a snapshot – status, licenses, storage used, list of devices connected.

Data Loss Prevention Capabilities

• Versioning enables users to retrieve older versions of a file, even when other users overwrite the file through FileCloud. FileCloud supports versioning not only on local files but also on network shares if updated through FileCloud.

• Secure endpoint backup and restoration across all platforms help businesses to prevent loss of critical data.

Superior Customization Options

• Unlike many competitors. FileCloud provides tons of customizations that help organizations build their brand and present cohesive UX.

• Various customization options include the ability to change logos, URLs, e-mail templates, policies -privacy policy, Terms of Service.

Detailed Audit Capabilities to Meet Regulations

• Activity logs capture the What When Who, and How attributes of every user action within the system.

• Detailed activity logs help companies meet HIPAA-like government regulations and follow enterprise information security best practices.

• Simple Ul enables administrators to easily filter logs and select the right level of data granularity.

Personalized, Expert Customer Support Directly From Product Developers

• FileCloud team follows a unique software development process in which developers are required to be part of support calls. Results in users getting quick, accurate answers to their questions.

• In addition to answering questions, the technical team can provide innovative architecture and new enhancements.

Supports Large Deployments through Multi-tenancy, Scalable &High-availability Architecture

• Classic three-tier approach with load balancer, application server nodes, and redundant database servers deliver above 99.99% availability.

• Multi-Tenancy is ideal for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and large enterprises that have different needs for individual departments.