FileCloud Update – Version 20.3


20.3 Upgrade

We rolled out a new update of FileCloud 20.3 on Dec 22. Here are some of the following Major feature updates of FileCloud

  • OCR support – A new character recognition feature that enables searching for content in image and PDF files.
  • Metadata color tagging – Enhancement that enables users to apply color tags to metadata.
  • ICAP DLP – ICAP DLP has been added as a provider for FileCloud’s content classification engine, enabling it to flag files for blocking or deletion by DLP rules.
  • TLS 1.3 support – Support for TLS 1.3 on all Windows, Mac OS, and Linux clients.
  • Theme settings – New settings have been added for customizing themes and more built-in theme choices have been added.
  • Sync and ServerSync mass conflict resolution – A new feature in FileCloud Sync and ServerSync enables users to resolve all conflicts at once.
  • Mobile browser support – You can now access FileCloud’s new interface through your mobile device’s Web browser.
  • Android app enhancements – New additions to the Android app include an in-app media player and metadata editing support.

For more details on the update please read our release notes