FileCloud’s Version 21.2 Makes Work Easier with Compliance Center, Workflow Automation, and Integrations

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We’re always working to make FileCloud better for you. That’s why our 21.2 release focuses on ways to make your life easier.

Let’s get started looking at these new features.

ITAR Compliance Center

Our new Compliance Center is a useful and important tool for your compliance and IT managers. It helps you save time and money by making complex regulations easy to understand while connecting requirements with policies and settings that you can implement with just a few clicks. This allows admins to instantly note and fix compliance issues following FileCloud’s best practice recommendations.

ITAR (United States International Traffic in Arms Regulation) requires companies involved in the manufacture, sales, or distribution of defense-related articles to comply with certain guidelines to ensure that confidential information does not leave the US and is not leaked to criminals, civilians, or any potential threats.

Failure to comply with these regulations can involve civil or criminal penalties for companies and organizations. The good news is that with FileCloud’s new ITAR Compliance Center, it’s easier than ever to ensure your company is compliant.

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Figure 1: Compliance Center Overview Page

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Figure 2: Issue Preventing Compliance Screen

The tool also lets you archive event logs for easy reporting and auditing purposes and is easily customizable. Meaning, if you already have a solution for a regulation in place outside of your FileCloud environment, administrators can easily bypass the rule within the Compliance Center.

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Figure 3: Rule Update Screen in Compliance Center

With our new Compliance Center, you can continue to share your files with confidence, knowing that you’ve dotted your i’s and crossed your t’s when it comes to ITAR regulations.

Workflow Automation

Workflow automation is one of the things we’re most excited about with FileCloud 21.2’s release! This new feature helps users work smarter by providing the ability to build simple to complex workflows that streamline important business processes.

Managers can create and share workflows for everything from simple tasks like signature retrieval to more complex work like contract reviews.

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Figure 4: Full Workflow Overview

As you can see, automating tasks is easy with our no-code design. Users can use the drag-and-drop tool to build workflows, and managers can share custom workflows with their teams to help prevent errors and accomplish important objectives.

Running workflows can be viewed in a dashboard so you can see work happening in real-time, correct any oversights in automation, and download reports with a click of a button.

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Figure 5: Workflow Dashboard
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Figure 6: Workflow Dashboard Activity

You can use this tool in many different departments within your company including:

  • Marketing collaboration and press and product releases
  • Sales contract review and client notifications
  • HR expedited onboarding and time-off and expense approvals
  • Finance forecasting and invoice approvals

Microsoft Teams Integrations

You asked for Microsoft Teams Integration, and we delivered! With FileCloud 21.2 you can now integrate Teams with FileCloud using the new app.

This allows your team to continue to collaborate using Teams, without sacrificing the security and customization you love about FileCloud. This new integration includes special features like:

  • Easily finding files and sending share links in the Teams message bar
  • Sharing direct links from your teams or network folders to your Microsoft Teams Contacts (no external FileCloud login required!)
  • A FileCloud tab within Teams’ sidebar menu (allowing users the same functionality as opening FileCloud in a web browser)
  • Accessing File Details (including metadata, comments, and version history)

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Figure 7: MS Teams Direct Link

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Figure 8: MS Teams Share Link
We created FileCloud so you could have secure and customized file sharing. With our Microsoft Teams integration, you can collaborate with confidence, knowing your files are secure and easily shareable.

OnlyOffice Integrations

We want you to be able to use the tools you’re familiar with, without having to toggle back and forth between different programs. That’s why FileCloud is now integrated with OnlyOffice.

Now you can edit, view, and collaborate on OnlyOffice documents, presentations, and spreadsheets within your FileCloud system.

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Figure 9: OnlyOffice Integration Web Edit

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Figure 10: OnlyOffice Team Collaboration

Access and collaborate with your team on your OnlyOffice files with a click while still using FileCloud’s secure and customized file sharing.

And don’t forget, FileCloud also allows unlimited File Versioning, so you can work on your OnlyOffice files with confidence, knowing you have a backup available with a click of a button.

Private Key Support for FileCloud Online

We’re always working to provide you with top-level enterprise security, and your files are now even more secure on FileCloud Online. With Version 21.2, FileCloud Online now provides customer-managed encryption in addition to Amazon S3-managed encryption. Create and manage your own encryption key or utilize the Key Management Service (KMS) in your Amazon Web Services account. Either option provides you with greater control and privacy when it comes to your data. This is a feature that is already available with FileCloud Server.

FileCloud uses Amazon’s S3 storage services, with built-in SSL encryption for data in transit and 256-bit encryption for data at rest. Admins can now configure different server-side encryptions for data at rest using Amazon’s S3 storage services and Key Management Service (KMS) with both FileCloud Online and FileCloud Server.

Any new files are quickly encrypted without any service interruption. Users can access and share these files with confidence, as the files will be securely encrypted and decrypted with the secure FileCloud Online environment, without the need for any extra steps from the user.

More Details…

We’ve shown you the things we’re most excited about with FileCloud 21.2’s release, but you can read more about each feature in FileCloud 21.2’s release notes.

As always, if you need help with integration or using any new features, our team is available for you.