Features You Pay Extra for with Competitors

When it comes to picking solid Enterprise File Sync and Share Software (EFSS) it’s important to look not at just the stated pricing, but also at what you’re not getting.

At FileCloud, we’re open about our pricing and the included features, whether you’re looking for FileCloud on-premises or online.

FileCloud is a hyper-secure cloud storage and sharing software with certain features included no matter if you use FileCloud online, hybrid, or on your own server. These features include hyper-security, workflow automation, free (and unlimited) external accounts, and more.

FileCloud also offers important features that other EFSSs make you pay extra for.

Smart Data Leak Prevention (DLP)

Smart DLP (or data leak prevention) detects data leaks (accidental or malicious) and prevents these breaches before they happen by monitoring, protecting, and blocking important data from unauthorized users.

This can be a vital tool especially when companies are storing and sharing sensitive data that has regulations or requirements for protection. Smart DLP is an aspect of security that many EFSS offer, but which may be limited to upgrade or enterprise clients.

FileCloud’s simple, flexible, rule-drive Smart DLP offers users 360* protection by bringing DLP closer to the content and the users. Admins can control user actions (downloads/shares/logins) based on multiple options like IP range, user type, user group, and much more.

FileCloud’s Smart DLP protects companies from data leaks, allowing them to comply with regulations and keep their sensitive data secure.

Workflow Automation

As work is continually done remotely and with people in multiple different offices, workflows carried out in-office are becoming less useful or entirely obsolete. As such, many companies are turning toward workflow automation.

Workflow automation is an incredibly useful tool that saves time and money by automating certain tedious but important tasks like contract reviews, signature retrievals, email reminders, and more so that workflows are still completed and work is done on time.

Some companies, like ownCloud, have the option for workflow automation, but only at enterprise level. At FileCloud, users have access to workflow automation without any extra cost.

Workflows can be created by any user with a no-code, drag-and-drop design with just a few clicks. All running workflows can be viewed in a dashboard for oversight and audit purposes. Users can respond to workflows with built-in actions to facilitate speedy workflow completion. These workflows make work easier and more efficient, all without extra cost.


Companies and organizations have to be aware of branding at all times. Branding is what establishes trust between a company, its employees, and its clients, and not having branding on everything—including your EFSS solution—can cause a loss of that trust.

At Nextcloud, users have to upgrade in order to brand their EFSS solution, including for simple things like their logo or background image.

At FileCloud we understand the importance of branding which is why users are able to brand almost everything, including your logo/background image, personalized communication (ToS and Policies), and a custom mail server.

You can even customize the mobile apps to reflect your brand, a feature that many competitors don’t offer at all or one that requires an upgrade.


Any good EFSS solution has integrations with everyday apps and tools. However, if you’re using an EFSS solution like Nextcloud, you’ll have to upgrade in order to use Microsoft 365, but at FileCloud, that’s one of our included integrations. FileCloud also has integrations with other important tools such as:

  • Microsoft Outlook Add-on
  • Active Directory & LDAP Support
  • Google Docs
  • Developer APIs

FileCloud is the Ultimate EFSS Solution

At FileCloud, we’re always working to make your life easier. That’s why we make our pricing simple and easy to understand, with important features like DLP, workflow automation, customized branding, and integrations included in our essentials pricing.

We also offer a free trial so that you can get started today!