Unlocking Advanced Security with the FileCloud-Votiro Integration

November 29, 2023

Recently, FileCloud and Votiro announced their partnership to offer enterprises advanced file security. The symbiosis between the FileCloud and Votiro approaches to content security was apparent prior to their decision to partner together. Like FileCloud, Votiro has built its powerful cybersecurity technology with Zero Trust principles in mind, and both technologies have been designed from […]

Recently, FileCloud and Votiro announced their partnership to offer enterprises advanced file security. The symbiosis between the FileCloud and Votiro approaches to content security was apparent prior to their decision to partner together. Like FileCloud, Votiro has built its powerful cybersecurity technology with Zero Trust principles in mind, and both technologies have been designed from their inception with a keen awareness that any file entering a system from an external source could very well contain malicious content.

A Perilous Data Security Landscape

The volume of unstructured data is growing exponentially, at a global rate of around 27% annually. This is set to accelerate with the growth in AI and ML, technologies requiring large data sets to function. Data sprawl broadens attack surfaces and can result in organizations struggling to manage security in relation to large volumes of incoming files.

It's becoming increasingly untenable for enterprises to rely solely on traditional security measures, such as antivirus protection and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), to protect their cloud data. Additionally, FileCloud and Votiro recognize the risks inherent in current work cultures. With geographically distributed teams requiring high levels of content collaboration, it's vital to creatively leverage innovative integrations to protect companies from potentially costly data breaches.

Unlike traditional antivirus solutions, Votiro uses its powerful Positive Selection® Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology to guarantee the safety of files before they ever enter a network. When combined with FileCloud's multiple layers of security, Votiro provides powerful protection for enterprise digital assets.

Current Financial System Challenges

Increasingly, G-SIBs (Global Systemically Important Banks), regional banks, financial services companies, and insurance companies, are investing in FileCloud for its ability to seamlessly facilitate secure external file sharing with partners and clients. These organizations must meet stringent risk management standards and are aware that FileCloud is well equipped to meet these requirements.

Interdependencies within the IT systems used by financial organizations mean that any cyberattack could disrupt the financial digital supply chain, and potentially, the entire global financial system. A FileCloud-Votiro integration is ideal for tackling these modern challenges, particularly because both companies provide reliable, consistent support to the financial sector.

ICBC Bank Breach Example

The recent cybersecurity incident at the New York unit of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) shows how easy it is for malicious content to enter a major organization, causing massive disruption and expenditure on subsequent crisis management measures.

Malicious ransomware code was executed on some ICBC systems, rendering them inaccessible. This caused havoc within the U.S. Treasury, since ICBC was unable to settle trades on behalf of market participants. Damage control measures included sending settlements by courier on a USB stick to BNY Mellon in New York, to settle the trades manually.

This attack had a major domino effect. Hedge funds and asset managers were forced to reroute trades. In addition, ICBC's U.S. unit required a $9 billion capital injection from its parent company to settle trades via BNY.

A well-known ransomware group is suspected of the attack on ICBC. This group has already attacked Boeing, the Royal Mail, and a host of other well-known businesses across the U.S., Europe, India, and Indonesia. It's known for its deftness at evading detection. In addition, it has released stolen data in instances where organizations have refused to be extorted.

This example is one of many showing how today's malicious actors are audacious, sophisticated, and difficult to bring to justice. In this environment, it's more important than ever to take strenuous measures to disarm weaponized files entering systems.

How the FileCloud-Votiro Integration Can Help Enterprises

The FileCloud-Votiro integration makes it highly unlikely that an infected file could enter your organization and cause widespread disruption, as happened to ICBC, even in the event of human error.

FileCloud secures networks with multiple cybersecurity measures. These include safeguarding incoming files with powerful automatic antivirus scanning and allowing admins to set granular file and folder permissions. This allows staff to collaborate securely on content via web UI, desktop apps, and mobile apps, without the latency and technical problems that can come with using a VPN.

FileCloud's Workflow Automation feature reduces the risks that come with manual aspects of file management. You can automate file approvals, content routing, collaboration triggers, archiving, and retention with FileCloud's user-friendly, no-code workflow builder. Additionally, Workflow Automation enables you to customize actions for enhanced flexibility and efficiency.

The integration of Votiro, with its ability to quickly disarm harmful files regardless of device or access method, allows for seamless collaboration in a highly secure environment.

FileCloud-Votiro Cybersecurity Integration Workflow

High-Level FileCloud-Votiro Integration Workflow

File Sanitization

Votiro's Positive Selection® CDR technology sanitizes every inbound and outbound file in real-time. Specifically, it extracts all the recognized clean elements within files and constructs new versions over a safe file template. In addition, you can use the sanitized files in milliseconds. Votiro removes malicious payloads from all files, resulting in 0% false positives.

Zero-Day Threat Detection

This extraction of only safe objects to reconstruct files makes Votiro highly adept at zero-day threat detection. Significantly, Votiro routinely neutralizes unknown vulnerabilities and exploits embedded in files that usually go undetected by signature-based antivirus solutions.

Image Steganography Detection

Image steganography attacks embed malicious code within the pixel data of image files. Undeniably, developments in technology in recent years have made these attacks easier to execute than before. Unfortunately, they generally remain undetected by standard anti-malware solutions. Accordingly, Votiro automatically neutralizes these attacks for enhanced cybersecurity.

Support for Diverse File Types

Like FileCloud, Votiro supports a wide range of file types. These include RTF, PDF, text, MS Office files, email containers, and image files. Leveraging deep expertise on file architecture, Votiro dissects files into content, templates, and objects. Furthermore, it reconstructs them as guaranteed safe files. In fact, using this method, Votiro disarms large volumes of weaponized files annually as a trusted cybersecurity provider.

Easy Integration

You can seamlessly use the FileCloud and Votiro integration for your enterprise infrastructure to add Zero Trust protection and facilitate remote collaboration. In addition, you can deploy this integration to reinforce existing cybersecurity measures, such as email gateways, antivirus software, and other secure content management systems.

Detailed Analytics at a Glance

Actionable analytics are recorded and can be viewed on the intuitive Votiro dashboard. Moreover, any suspicious or malicious content elements embedded in files are recorded as incidents and available for later examination.

Votiro Dashboard Analytics

Votiro Dashboard Analytics

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Written by Deirdre Clancy, Technical Content and Communication Manager

By Deirdre Clancy

Technical Content and Communication Manager