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June 29, 2023

NetworkChuck has been inspiring his followers to learn about IT since 2014, making many aspects of technology accessible and enjoyable to a wide audience, with his singularly engaging approach to teaching. Recently, he gave a tutorial on how to build a private cloud with FileCloud Community Edition. His NetworkChuck Academy contains hundreds of lessons to […]

NetworkChuck has been inspiring his followers to learn about IT since 2014, making many aspects of technology accessible and enjoyable to a wide audience, with his singularly engaging approach to teaching. Recently, he gave a tutorial on how to build a private cloud with FileCloud Community Edition. His NetworkChuck Academy contains hundreds of lessons to help IT professionals and those aspiring to careers in IT to gain relevant, up-to-date technical skills. With his friendly delivery and surreal humor, NetworkChuck removes the intimidating aspects of IT for his millions of YouTube followers.

In a recent video, NetworkChuck (aka Chuck Keith) offers viewers an in-depth walk-through of a variety of private cloud deployment options for FileCloud Community Edition and compares FileCloud to its competitor, Nextcloud. The level of interest in the video has been overwhelming: the view count has passed 370K in less than 10 days, as opposed to the months or years it normally takes for NetworkChuck to reach these numbers.

Beyond the Community Edition there are some things that FileCloud does for enterprises that you didn't even know were possible. It's crazy! – NetworkChuck

The majority of the presentation covers our product's features and deployment options. In a video twice as long as the normal NetworkChuck YouTube offerings, he provides positive, lengthy feedback about our various capabilities for enabling secure file-sharing functionality. In reviewing our Enterprise Edition features with boundless enthusiasm, he captures both the hyper-security and uniqueness of FileCloud.

Total Control Over Your Data

Chuck explains that, although the "triad" of Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive are prominent, many are concerned by the fact that they are essentially handing over control of their data by using these file-sharing solutions.

There is a growing awareness among savvy IT audiences that there are alternative options available that allow the creation of private cloud solutions at home, on premises, or in a secure cloud environment like AWS. He singles out FileCloud and Nextcloud as excellent ways to achieve this, due to functionalities that are unsupported by Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

How Do We Compare to NextCloud?

After examining FileCloud in comparison to Nextcloud, Chuck asserts that our product is the most suited of the two for large-scale use by corporations in its Enterprise Edition form. This is due to the unusual diversity of deployment options we offer. We provide numerous options, for example, for creating a private cloud, including simply using a spare Windows laptop you have at home. Alternatively, particularly if you are an enterprise, you can use a Windows Server, Linux server, Docker container, or Virtual Box image.

Chuck notes that our product is unique among solutions of its kind for its ability to accommodate Windows hosting: "I love that you can install it on Windows. I think it's probably one of the only host your own cloud solutions out there that install on Windows, which is why companies love it."

Outstanding Security Features in One Solution

FileCloud is used by customers in government, finance, and education, NetworkChuck explains, due to its array of powerful features that help to secure sensitive data, such as granular file permissions and download limits. Furthermore, he notes that these security and data governance features are unavailable with the well-known triad of solutions. In a world in which data breaches are a daily occurrence, enterprises are increasingly searching for ways to protect their sensitive data and intellectual property. Certainly, many current go-to file-sharing solutions are not equipped to provide that necessary additional layer of hyper-security.

In relation to FileCloud Enterprise Edition, the capabilities that Chuck identifies as unusual in solutions of this nature, particularly in combination in one product, are FileCloud's data governance features, such as:

Setting up FileCloud on AWS S3

The review takes viewers through many of the nuts and bolts of setting up FileCloud in its Community Edition version. It walks viewers through the process of establishing a free account and downloading the Community Edition Server to set up on a virtual machine in AWS. The detailed, informative show-and-tell includes:

NetworkChuck Showing the Admin Dashboard in FileCloud Community Edition

Further Deployment Options

Chuck goes on to describe Docker installation for FileCloud (Community Edition) Server. Moreover, he takes viewers through the detailed steps, with the help of the supporting FileCloud documentation.

Docker Installation for FileCloud

Other areas demonstrated include the installation of Linux X86-64 for Ubuntu directory from the repository with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS as the server, adding and updating repositories, and performing installations of Apache and MongoDB servers. He also sets up and mounts an external hard drive for FileCloud.

Mounting an External Hard Drive

FileCloud Enterprise Edition: Total Command Over Your Data

As far as NetworkChuck is concerned, FileCloud's focus on file sharing, combined with data security, has allowed the product to chalk up an array of powerful functionalities in these areas. Additionally, FileCloud Enterprise stands out among other file-sharing software providers, due to its Data Governance features, he says: "You can pretty much do anything you want with your data", including monitoring, legal hold, DLP, classification, retention policies, Smart DLP, and workflow automation. Additional robust features, such as multiple third-party integrations and anti-virus scanning, mean that enterprises do not need to sacrifice speed and efficiency while securing their data.

What NetworkChuck Says About FileCloud

If you're a business or maybe you're thinking about pitching a new file solution to your company, the enterprise features are what set FileCloud apart from everybody else…You can do legal holds, Data Leak Protection, and classify your content. You can put retention policies, Smart DLP. There's an entire Compliance Center for GDPR, HIPAA, and ITAR.


Their goal is to help you make your own private cloud. As a person, as a business, they've got your back. The emphasis is on the "enterprise" because it's really, really powerful and really, really secure. That's why they're big in government, finance, and education.


Every little thing you can control, and that's killer for a business and an enterprise; not to mention, you can integrate it with everything. Active Directory, Single Sign-On; you can implement antivirus scanning on all your data.


I think FileCloud is amazing because they focus on one thing and they do it great: file sharing and data security. And they do that for enterprises, and they can do that for you in your house.

Want to Emulate NetworkChuck? Try FileCloud for Free Now

FileCloud Community Edition is free to use. However, if you're an enterprise with a requirement for that extra layer of heavy-duty file security and you'd like to learn more, schedule a free demo or try FileCloud for yourself.



Written by Deirdre Clancy, Technical Content and Communication Manager

By Deirdre Clancy

Technical Content and Communication Manager