EFSS is Dead. Long Live EFSS!

The EFSS market will still see substantial and continued growth at an average of 22% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for its current use cases over the next five years. In 2020, we estimate of the size of the EFSS market at $3.83 billion, rising to $9.82 billion by 2025.

However, the makeup of the marketplace for EFSS is set to change significantly, in both size and importance, over the coming years. While currently the bulk of business is for file server replacements, we see potential for new areas of growth via geographic and industry-specific application expansion.

Geopolitics and government cost-cutting combined have added urgency to moving files and sharing them in the cloud: cost-cutting because the cloud is perceived to be cheaper than on-premises, and geopolitics because greater scrutiny of where files are located and who they are shared with is accelerating the need to geofence data.

At FileCloud we are eager to help customers understand the ways in which the market is changing in response to these events and more.

To understand more about EFSS and where the market is heading, do read this report .


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