Our Values

Be Customer Centric

We exist to solve problems our customers have and they remain at the heart of the work we do.

Get Work Done

We are outcome focused and use our creativity, resourcefulness and perseverance to reach our goals.

Be Authentic

We strive to be true and keep everything we think, say and do in harmony.

Our mission is to enable organizations to thrive by providing a secure, easy-to-use enterprise-grade solution to manage, organize, and collaborate on their most sensitive content. To deliver on this mission, we at FileCloud are committed to providing every customer with the highest level of product quality and service.

In order to achieve this, we have established a robust Quality Management System (QMS), which provides a framework for performance evaluation while continually improving our systems, processes, and people.

We rigorously monitor customer feedback and take appropriate action to continually improve our customer experience by striving for a world-class Net Promoter Score (NPS). Our QMS is there to ensure we meet or exceed all applicable customer, statutory, and regulatory requirements.

We achieve this commitment through the following objectives:
  • Establishing, applying, and maintaining a Quality Management System (QMS).
  • Maintaining customer confidence in our product and experience with our service at the highest levels.
  • Ensuring our commitment to quality is intrinsic to everything we do: through robust development and product delivery processes and the experiences we provide through our sales, solutions, and support organizations.
  • Making a commitment to quality as a shared responsibility across FileCloud through training and awareness of employee responsibilities to the QMS and its processes.
  • Appraising our business regularly to ensure that we fully and consistently meet all applicable customer, statutory, and regulatory requirements.

We value your feedback, as it plays a crucial role in our ongoing assessment of the effectiveness of our Quality Management System (QMS). We encourage you to reach out to us to share your thoughts and insights. Email us at quality.management@filecloud.com