FileCloud’s Resumable Uploads for Large File Collaboration

Losing connection during a large file upload usually means you have to start all over again. This is frustrating and often a huge waste of time for enterprises or media conglomerates that work regularly with CAD, media, and other types of large files.

At FileCloud, we’re always working on ways to make your content collaboration simple and easy. To that end, we’ve recently launched Resumable Uploads with FileCloud 22.1.

With Resumable Uploads, the FileCloud browser saves upload progress. If connectivity is interrupted, the upload is paused. Once the connection is restored, the upload can continue close to where it left off, saving users time and frustration.

Global work sites, remote work, and large files all require network connection, as well as solutions for those moments when the connection goes out. With FileCloud’s Resumable Uploads, you won’t have to worry about weak connections or wasted time anymore.

To learn more, visit our Resumable Uploads page!

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Webinar for the Improved Admin Portal

With the 22.1 version of FileCloud, the Team Folders tab in the Admin UI has been updated to create a more streamlined and intuitive experience. These changes mirror the front-end UI that appears in the user portal.

FileCloud will be hosting a webinar on Thursday, February 22, 2023, to introduce the optimized UI. Daniel Alarcon, FileCloud’s Technical Support Manager, will explore changes to the Team Folders Admin UI, including:

  • Basic Team Folder Operations

  • Team Folder Actions

  • New Share Window

  • Folder Security

Sign up for the webinar to discover the refreshed admin portal and make the most of your FileCloud experience. You can register below!

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Tip of the Month

Did you know you can integrate your NTFS permissions within FileCloud? This streamlines data access controls and helps admins and compliance officers comply with regulatory requirements.

To learn more about NTFS permissions and how to integrate your FileCloud system with them, read our in-depth white paper.

Read the White Paper


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