S&P Global Market Intelligence’s Business Impact Brief on Unstructured Data

& How Enterprises Can Use FileCloud to Structure Data and Collaborate

Enterprises generate, manage, and transfer huge swathes of unstructured data (text-heavy files, spreadsheets, and other content) as part of daily and critical business operations. As a result, organizations face challenges about how to collaborate on and store these files while also complying with industry, regional, and global regulations.

That’s why S&P Global Market Intelligence wrote a Business Impact Brief addressing how enterprises can turn the challenge of unstructured data into an opportunity.

Organizations are increasingly looking to Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) or Content Collaboration Platform (CCP) solutions to cope with these challenges. But not all solutions are cut out to fulfill these diverse and demanding needs.

In this document, S&P Global Market Intelligence goes over the risks unstructured data poses to businesses, especially when it comes to compliance and sharing sensitive data. The brief also identifies some of the key barriers that organizations face when trying to become more data driven.

The Business Impact Brief also provides access to survey results, compiled by 451 Research, outlining why businesses might want to improve their data governance and privacy.

In addition, the brief outlines a future where data governance and collaboration are not two separate problems, but rather one comprehensive solution that protects unstructured data while promoting secure collaboration for employees.

Unstructured data is often seen as a risk, but it can also serve as a huge opportunity for every organization that is willing to explore the tools available for them.

Download the document and find out how to enable an enterprise-ready solution for unstructured data and collaboration.

FileCloud provides industry-leading…

  • Data Management (Retention policies, smart classification, advanced DRM)
  • Compliance (Compliance Center to connect security tools and features with complicated regulations, including separate tabs for GDPR, ITAR, and HIPAA)
  • Security (256-bit AES and SSL/TSL protocols, 2FA, SSO, and industry-first Zero Trust File SharingSM)
  • Collaboration (FileCloud for Office, No-Code Workflow Automation, file versioning, locking, and comments)

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