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Workflow Automation for Marketing

Increased Productivity

FileCloud is used by many marketing teams for secure file sharing and storage, and with workflow automation, marketing teams can get even more done. Automate tedious tasks like signoffs, press releases, and email campaigns with our drag-and-drop no-code workflow builder.

Better ROI

FileCloud can be up to 3x cheaper than other file sharing services, but we don’t just stop there. FileCloud continues to add new and improved features like workflow automation which can increase your team’s productivity and profitability.

Team Accountability

Projects can easily get stalled while waiting for signs offs or signatures. Stop wasting time and use FileCloud’s Workflow Automations to see where your team is getting stalled—and get them back on track with reminders and notifications.

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Waiting is Costing You Money

Collaboration is an important aspect of any marketing team. Often something as simple as a new email has to be reviewed and approved by many teams from copy to design to sales.This waiting around though? It’s costing you time. And lost time costs money

Stalled projects happen all the time in marketing teams for many reasons, but one of the top reasons is administrative tasks that get ignored or forgotten and end up halting a simple project like a welcome email or new persona.

These administrative tasks aren’t just costing you lost time, but also lost money. In fact, this white paper found that knowledge workers lose 11.2 hours each week because of document management problems. In terms of money, that’s nearly $20,000 lost per marketing employee, per year.

And in an increasingly competitive world, stalled projects can make you lose clients, and make your current clients lose faith in you. Marketing needs to find a simple, cost-effective solution to help them regain their lost time. That’s where workflows come in.

Workflow Builder

Workflows as a Lost-Time Solution

The fact remains, that no matter what, administrative tasks like content collaboration, PR approvals, and signature retrievals from clients have to be completed.

But these tasks no longer need to be done by your marketing team. Now, you can automate them. Maybe you’ve seen “workflow automation” offered as a solution before but it seemed like more trouble than it was worth. Really though, it can be used as a simple solution to automate tedious tasks.

Workflows should work like this: easily create the task, then forget about it, because you know it’ll be taken care of. Of course, not all workflow automations are created equal. You need to look for one that works for your needs as a marketing department.

What You Need in a Workflow Solution


Workflows should save you money, that’s why the money you spend on a workflow solution shouldn’t cost more than you’re saving on automating tasks.


Your workflow solution needs to be used by anyone—without the help of IT. Look for a no-code designed workflow that is easy to learn and able to be used by anyone—even if they don’t work in IT.


You need a solution that is entirely customizable for marketing. A solution that was created for the legal industry won’t help you much in marketing. That’s why any solution you get should be entirely customizable and created by your team.


Watching workflows in real-time can help identify any problems with your workflows or weaknesses in your projects or team. Having a solution with a dashboard or something similar in place is important for peak productivity.

FileCloud as Marketing’s Workflow Solution

FileCloud is a secure file sharing and storage solution helps you send, collaborate, and share files securely. It has an abundance of features available including customized branding, client portal software, enterprise-level security for sensitive documents, and now, Workflow Automation.

FileCloud’s workflow automation allows your marketing team to become better than ever with a workflow builder that allows you to create customized workflows for your team, all with a simple no-code design. No IT experience required.

Drag-and-Drop workflow

These workflows can be created and shared with anyone on your team, and the simple drag-and-drop design and built-in logic helps you create workflows that work—for you and your team.

Simple workflow

With a few steps, you can create workflows to automate your tedious tasks including:

• Content/multi-department collaboration

• Press and product releases

• Agency partnerships

• Lead nurturing

• Persona building

• Sign offs

• Signature retrieval

These tasks are a vital part of marketing, which is why they so often stall projects. But with FileCloud’s Workflow Automations you have the peace of mind of knowing these tasks aren’t going to slow you down anymore.

Managers or team members can create and share their customized workflows with their teams to keep teams to help improve efficiency even further.

Your running workflows can also be viewed in a dashboard so you can see work happening in real-time. Use this dashboard to easily correct oversights in automation and even download reports to see how everything is going.

workflow dashboard

FileCloud can be almost 3x cheaper than similar solutions and offers all-in-one features like workflow automation on top of enterprise-level security, storage, and sharing.

FileCloud is the Workflow Solution Marketing Needs

Marketing departments know how difficult it is to remain competitive and attractive for clients. Getting rid of time-wasting tasks by using workflow automation is the best way for marketing departments to remain up-to-date and cost-effective. It’s the competitive advantage you need. Right at your fingertips.

Use FileCloud as your Workflow Automation solution and get back to work that matters. Get your free trial today.

workflow dashboard
workflow dashboard
workflow dashboard

Anyone Can Create Workflows

FileCloud was created to be used by everyone. That’s why our workflow builder makes it easy for anyone to create a customized workflow. And the no-code design makes it simple to build workflows that work for your team.

Customized Workflows

You can create customized workflows for anything from contract review to signature retrieval. These workflows are easy to build with a drag-and-drop feature that makes customization a breeze.

See Work in Real-Time

Watch work happening in real-time with the dashboard. Use the dashboard to see all running workflows, fix errors in automation, and easily download reports.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Workflow Automations help you work smarter, not harder, by automating tedious yet important tasks like contract approval, signature retrieval, and signoffs from other teams or departments. Workflows can also help you spot weaknesses in your process by giving you a bird’s-eye-view of all the tasks you’ve automated.

Makes Marketing Easier

Anyone working in marketing knows that all the different parts of marketing, from copy to design to SEO requires an incredible amount of collaboration from different people and departments. But it’s easy for emails or messages to get lost and for projects to get stalled. That’s where workflow automation come into play, by automating tasks like approvals and reviews so your team can get back on track—and stay that way.

A New Feature, Not a New System

With so many marketing companies and teams working remotely, companies are using more systems and tools than ever. Unfortunately, switching from one tool to the other—or context-switching—costs focus, and lost focus costs money. But when you use FileCloud, you have an all-in-one secure file sharing and storage tool that also has added features like workflow automations. This prevents context switching, keeping your team focused and saving you money.

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