Top 10 Computer Systems Administrator Resources for Beginners

A system administrator is responsible for the maintenance and security of computer networks. The job includes administering networks, individual systems, databases, web applications, mail servers and many more components. With crucial tasks such as these in hand, it is imperative that a system admin maintains a list of resources to fall back to in case of emergency, use them to expand knowledge- or just have some fun from the serious life. Here is a list of some top resources for such people!

Stack ExchangeServer Fault, Super User and StackOverflow:

Stack Exchange is a collection of over a hundred question and answer websites on diverse topics. For system admins, the sites that are most informative are Server Fault and Super User. Don’t believe me? Check out this list of cool stuff that you can carry around in a thumb drive!


If you thought TechCrunch was everything, you definitely miss the bigger picture! HackerNews is a social website where common people submit their posts. It doesn’t only contain news about hackers and hacking, but some wonderful content on burning topics in IT and even entrepreneurship!

High Scalability

Being a system admin, you must encounter issues related to high availability architecture quite frequently. This website helps you in getting ideas to scale your applications, in addition to real life examples of companies that have been successful in scaling their products.


SpiceWorks is a community of IT professionals who mingle by showcasing their projects. It’s just not about that- SpiceWorks also has how-to articles, plugins, extensions and a question answer forum if you are in trouble.


xkcd is a webcomic that concentrates on mathematical and scientific jokes. It also contains some comics related to IT. Overall, it provides you with a good read.

Security in Debian Systems

The security page in Debian gives you some good advice on how to secure your debian systems. The page contains archives of security related articles. You can even join their mailing list to keep updated on the same.


Reddit is a social news and entertainment website where people can share information as links or text. There is a ranking system and information is organized into categories called subreddits. Some such subreddits useful for system programmers are programming, technology or information technology.


VIM is one of the most popular text editors which can be run from within the terminal. DailyVIM provides tips, tricks, tutorials and howtos related to VIM.


If you think that it happened only with you, you are probably mistaken. TheDailyWTF is a humorous blog that reports “curious perversions in Information Technology”. The blog provides you with examples of code that lead you to explain WTF!

Google Webmaster Blog

If you are a webmaster, you must have invariably used Google Webmasters at some point of time. In addition to that, SEO is certainly an important topic of discussion for you. The Google Webmaster Blog gives official news on crawling and indexing sites for the Google Index.

With this, we come to the end of the resources for a system admin. We hope that you enjoyed reading this post and would continue using these resources in the future!