The Enterprise File Sharing and Sync Solution Essentials – Checklist

February 7, 2014

  Cloud computing is the revolutionary technology that is changing the way we do business; it is now an important and powerful tool for sharing and accessing business files. Businesses have always relied on IT to advance in this competitive economy and as of now. Everyone is trying get ahead of their competitors with closer […]

Enterprise File Sharing


Cloud computing is the revolutionary technology that is changing the way we do business; it is now an important and powerful tool for sharing and accessing business files. Businesses have always relied on IT to advance in this competitive economy and as of now. Everyone is trying get ahead of their competitors with closer connections to customers, more access to big data-driven insights and greater innovation.

Gartner, an analyst firm created specifically for technology professionals, have predicted that IT departments will eventually be less focused on implementation but will focus more on enabling business functions. Central IT department will be  dissolved and dispersed into the business units they serve.  The main reasoning behind this prediction is that virtually every enterprise IT need will be handled in the cloud. The increased demand for enterprise file sharing and sync solutions is proof that Gartner’s prediction will indeed come true.

One major problem that enterprises migrating to the cloud are facing is choosing a solution that will produce the kind of results needed to maintain a competitive edge and succeed. Several cloud vendors have tried to fill the enterprise void but with little success. There are currently no set standards for enterprise cloud solutions and this makes it difficult for the decision makers to pick the best one out of the bunch. There are key features that should always be put into consideration.

1. Ease of Use

The importance of an intuitive and easy to use design should never be overlooked.  Employees with non-technical backgrounds are more likely to accept the solution if it offers an interface that is easy and enjoyable to use. Productivity is also likely to be on the higher side if the users can easily use the enterprise cloud solution.

2. Security

One of the major concerns surrounding the enterprise cloud migration is security. Information is the ‘lifeblood’ of a company and it should be the most protected asset. Any serious Cloud service provider places a special emphasis on cloud security. Your enterprise’s private files can easily be compromised if the file sharing and sync solution you choose does not offer the best security features available.

Some of the key must have security features include encryption, access control and multiple steps to verify the identity of users. The cloud solution should offer at least one encryption layer before the data leaves the data center. Most cloud services encrypt their data using 256-bit SSL encryption.

Considering the volatile nature of data security, especially online, the ultimate enterprise file sharing and synchronization solution should be in a position to upgrade their security features based on the most current threats.

If the enterprise cloud solution has top notch security features, you can rest more easily while storing and sharing client and customer information in the cloud environment.

3. File Versioning 

If the cloud service that supports file versioning enables you to edit your files without and worries. File versioning systems don’t overwrite your old files whenever changes are made; instead, multiple versions of the files are saved making it easy to retrieve previous versions.

File versioning could come in handy when enterprise users need to recover crucial data that may have been overwritten. Most Cloud services offer file versioning support; however, some can only maintain a finite amount of versions, or delete older versions periodically. The ultimate file sharing and sync solution should offer unlimited file versioning.

4. Mobile Management

BYOD (bring your own device) is becoming heavily popular in the enterprise environment; this new work culture is heavily fuelled by cloud computing. Any organization with a mobile workforce has to start evaluating their share and sync products or else anarchy will reign – and you definitely don’t want that. Most IT Administrators and security professionals lack the right tools to effectively manage their existing and future cloud environments.

File sharing and synchronization will not be effective if the mobile workforce is not effectively managed. This means that Administrators need easier ways to manage the mobile extension of their cloud storage infrastructure.

Some of the mobile management features the ultimate Enterprise file sharing and synchronization solution should have include;

5. Technical Support

Technical support plays an important role right from deployment. Technical difficulties can be a source of stress and frustration, especially if the knowledge and skills required to solve it are absent. File sharing and sync services are broadly deployed, the supplier must therefore be ready to jump in and solve any problems. Technical support tends to vary from service to service; a good cloud service provider should offer prompt 24/7 support.

On top of phone support and email, the cloud computing vendor should also offer other alternatives like live chat. Additionally, It is one thing to have a helpful and friendly tech support agent aiding you and another to have one who is all of that and actually solves the problem promptly.

6. Time Saving Convenient Features

These are features that add much needed functionality to file sharing and synchronization; and also improve productivity by saving time

7. Flexible Billing

Choosing an Enterprise file sharing and solution with lowest price tag does not necessarily mean that you are getting value for your money. Typically, the more space you use and the number of users you add increases the costs of cloud services. However, the best file sharing and sync solution are the ones with the capability to grow with your business. So you have to factor in future growth and evaluate which pricing is best for the long term.


An File sharing and Sync solution is an important investment for any business, you should therefore take your time and make sure you find the right one. If the solution has all the above features, then you have found The Right Enterprise File Sharing and Sync Solution for your needs.


Author: Gabriel Lando



By Team FileCloud