Customer Success Story – FileCloud as an On-Premise Dropbox Alternative





Recently, we have asked few of customers  to tell us why they have chosen FileCloud for their organization . Nobody can tell the story of FileCloud better than our customers and here is one.

We tested about five other solutions like Team Drive, OwnCloud or LeitzCloud. In the End, Tonido FileCloud won that battle clearly.

– Dominik

1. What problems were we trying to solve with FileCloud?

We needed to get rid of the Dropbox solution. We are a German mid-size company. At Germany we have some strict laws which forbid us to store privacy data (e.g. Names and Birthdays of our customer) on a storage system owned by a third party. At least the have to guarantee us to store the data on servers inside the European Union. Dropbox can’t do that. But a lot of our employees installed Dropbox for a fast and easy way to share data especially with employees at other subsidiaries.

2. How has FileCloud specifically addressed those problems?

So we where looking for a solution which can fit both of these criteria:

  • Simple and fast solution which doesn’t need a lot of training.
  • Storing the Data on our Server or at least to get a guarantee the data are stored in the EU.

Both of these criteria are completely are fulfilled by FileCloud for a 100%.

3. What alternative products did you consider and the key reasons to select FileCloud?

We tested about five other solutions like TeamDrive, OwnCloud or LeitzCloud which fulfill in the theory our needs. In the End, Tonido FileCloud won that battle clearly. It was so easy to install and activate. The user interfaces are easy to handle and the solution was also one of the less expensive once.We have the data now on our storage, so we won’t become any problems with law.

The last week I introduced the employees at your subsidiary in Kentucky USA to the new solution. They where also very happy about this solution. So what shall I say. Keep going. Your solution is very good. Everybody I showed the solution so far are very happy with it.

4.  What are your suggestions for Improvement?

Improvements would be brandable user clients (Sync Client and Apps) and an easy sync solution for the apps. (e.g. sync at the folder „customer_presentation“ always to my iPad then it is online)

Company Profile

STOBER is a manufacturer and developer of drive components: gear units, motors, digital inverters, device and user software with about 700 employees worldwide. STOBER has nine subsidiaries and the headquarter is at Pforzheim Germany.