Customer Success Story – FileCloud for Endpoint Backup


FileCloud not only provides File Sharing for Businesses but also can be used as an Endpoint backup tool for Laptops and desktops. Here is a customer story from lattice Communications, Iowa, USA.


“The key features of our ideal product were local storage, security, and ease of use.
FileCloud addressed everything we really needed and also replaced our need for a third-party backup solution like Carbonite to save even more money”
-Don Boutwell,  Systems Administrator


What problem(s) were you trying to solve with FileCloud?

We were looking for a reliable file syncing service that would allow our remote technicians to share images from sites with the project managers. The key features of our idea product were local storage, secure transmissions, and ease of use.

How has FileCloud specifically addressed those problems?

FileCloud addressed everything we really needed. My remote technicians simply drop files into a folder and my project managers have direct access to those images shortly. Everything is secured with a customized SSL certificate and all of those files are located on my servers and not a third party service. FileCloud Mobile also allows them to send the images directly from their phone when necessary.

What alternative products did you consider and the key reasons to select FileCloud?

The only other product we also tested was DropBox. It is just as easy to use as FileCloud was, and it is very secure, but the security of knowing that all of our data is within our organization just can’t be purchased. Also, the price difference between DropBox Pro or Enterprise and the FileCloud licenses was a no brainer! Another bonus of our decision to use FileCloud was the recent additions to add and use scheduled backups of client machines. This essentially replaced our need for a third-party solutions like Carbonite and saved us even more money!

Organization profile:

Name:  Lattice Communications

Location: Fairfax, Iowa, USA

Industry:  Telecommunications

Number of Employees: 100+ employees, 80+ computers, 100+ Phones.