FileCloud Helps Indian Government Ministers to an E-Cabinet


FileCloud Helps Indian Government Ministers to an E-Cabinet First – Customer Case Study


The days of hardcopy files and papers at government meetings in India may be numbered. Thanks to FileCloud, the government of the state of Andhra Pradesh (over 49 million inhabitants) now holds paperless cabinet sessions. Ministers use iPads and FileCloud to securely share and synchronize files between each other. Meeting agendas are sent out electronically beforehand and the minutes of the meeting made available the same way afterwards. The current Andhra Pradesh cabinet, which recently completed its first hundred days in office, became the first out of the 29 different states in India to move to this e-cabinet mode of working.

A National E-Governance Vision for India

FileCloud was selected to be part of a nationwide initiative headed by NISG (the National Institute for Smart Government). This not-for-profit company was incorporated in 2002 by the Government of India and NASSCOM (the National Association of Software and Services Companies). The mission of NISG is to be a center of excellence in e-governance. By combining both public and private sector strengths, it is now helping India to become more competitive in the global economy. One of the main promoters of NISG is the Government of Andhra Pradesh. While being known as ‘The Rice Bowl of India’ (it is the largest producer of rice in the country), Andhra Pradesh is at the same time a driving force in technology and innovation. Also home to India’s Satish Dhawan Space Center, the state is now making the NISG e-governance vision a reality.

How Andhra Pradesh Uses FileCloud?

FileCloud provides the Andhra Pradesh cabinet with two crucial capabilities: a self-hosted, self-managed private cloud environment and secure access to data through multiple devices. The flexibility of FileCloud means that ministers can use desktop and laptop computers, as well as tablet computers such as iPads and Android-based devices. Mobile access is available too and documents can be stored, shared and synchronized between office and mobile devices. Initially, access has been provided for 30 users. The performance and capacity of FileCloud allows for considerably more if required. Cabinet e-security is ensured by a four-digit PIN for accessing the cabinet application from a user’s device, server password protection and administration functions to remotely erase data if devices are lost or stolen.

Cabinet Ministers Take to the New System

The new-style e-cabinet meetings have been successful from the start. Besides the essential aspects of efficiency and security, the FileCloud cabinet application is also user-friendly. Cabinet ministers find the app easy to use on the iPads they now use when in session with simple, effective touch-screen operation. File and data access is direct, a welcome change from thumbing through paper versions of the same documents. Confidentiality is also enhanced. Where earlier hardcopy versions of documents were vulnerable to unauthorized viewing or removal, the electronic versions are password-protected. They can also be limited to specific users when necessary. At the same time, decision-making processes are streamlined, thanks to the range of synchronization and sharing possibilities.

Spreading E-Governance

By offering a cost-effective, secure and highly functional private cloud solution, FileCloud enables public sector organizations to make the most of technology without compromising confidentiality. Administrators can retain tight control over who accesses data and how. This is a significant advantage of FileCloud compared to other commercially available online data storage services. A state government can easily and safely run its own separate cloud environments for e-cabinet working and other departmental requirements. Andhra Pradesh has become the example to follow in terms of the practical advantages and simplicity of paperless public sector working. Now the opportunity exists for other government entities to follow suit.

How FileCloud Can Help You Today?

Whether your organization is in government or business, FileCloud is also available to you for your own private cloud storage, synchronization and sharing solution. You can deploy for groups of users from a few dozen to millions, all with FileCloud’s secure, productive, cost-effective file sharing and synchronization. Built-in functions let administrators set file permission levels and safeguard data privacy. Automatic file versioning, backup and recovery facilities further enhance the user experience, while straightforward integration means that FileCloud fits in with existing application and access control systems. Contact FileCloud today to find out more and to try FileCloud for free on your own server for 14 days.


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