Tipmont REMC Choose FileCloud for its Enterprise File Sharing


Why did Tipmont REMC Choose FileCloud for its Enterprise File Sharing Needs?

Every now and then we interview our customers to gain insights why they have chosen FileCloud as their Enterprise File Sharing Solution. We are publishing the interviews as it is so you can also make an informed decision. FileCloud is not for everybody but if you have a similar pain points as our customers you may want to give FileCloud a try.

1) What problem(s) were you trying to solve with FileCloud?

1. Security/Access Control was a main concern for us. We had several users in our organization that were using free dropbox accounts to share information and this became a problem when employees would leave the company. We had no easy way of finding out who had access to what. We didn’t want to remove dropbox or block it entirely without having an adequate solution to replace it because it’s a really useful tool.

2) How has FileCloud specifically addressed those problems?

2. Filecloud had a number of security features that we wanted. Now we have visibility of what is being shared and we have audit logs. We have remote wipe capability in case we need to remove access. We have access controls that we did not have before. As well as other features like active directory integration that most people appreciate.

3) What alternative products did you consider and the key reasons to select FileCloud?

3. We looked at dropbox business, owncloud, watchdox, teamdrive and novell filr to name a few. The determining factors for us were that Tonido offered competitive features to dropbox business, a good mobile client and web interface, ran on server platforms (debian/ubuntu) that we support in our environment. On-premise storage, and cost were probably the biggest factors.

Company Profile
Tipmont REMC is a rural electric member cooperative. We provide electricity to around 25,000 customers mostly in rural areas. We have just under 70 employees.