Self-Hosted Enterprise File Sharing Platform FileCloud 12.0 Brings Branch Office File Sharing for Businesses

AUSTIN, TEXAS – April 26, 2016 – CodeLathe, a leading provider of Enterprise File Sharing and Sync platform, announced today the immediate availability of FileCloud 12.0. The new release is, by far, the most innovative and feature rich version of the IT industry’s leading file sharing and sync solution.

“When it comes providing solutions to companies to ensure that they have secure, fast and reliable access to organization data via web, desktop, and mobile, FileCloud 12.0 resets the bar for the entire industry,” said Madhan Kanagavel, CEO of Codelathe. “When we founded the company we made a commitment to our customers to continue to innovate and provide solutions that are several generations ahead of our competition. With FileCloud 12.0 we are providing our customers and prospects with the absolute best enterprise file sharing and sync software.”

FileCloud 12.0 distinguishes itself from competitors with FileCloud ServerLink, the industry’s first remote office and branch office feature that addresses latency, and high availability requirements between sites that are situated across broad geographic locations.

As an example of how FileCloud ServerLink can be used, imagine a large multinational company that has numerous offices in multiple countries. The company frequently experiences unacceptable data download speeds when trying to access files. Delays between information query and delivery significantly impacts productivity. To solve the problem, organizations deploy FileCloud ServerLink to their branch offices to dramatically improve access speed to data, reduce latency and get faster access to files irrespective of physical geography.

FileCloud ServerLink can also be deployed as Hybrid Cloud utilizing both on-premise as well as cloud infrastructure. For example, an organization might want a FileCloud site locally on the LAN for fast local access and a remote site on the cloud (AWS, Azure or Google Cloud) for remote file access. In this case the local FileCloud site can be connected by ServerLink to the remote FileCloud site on the cloud to keep data replicated.

FileCloud 12.0 also provides users with full text search. Now, users can search for files by content contained within documents that have the following popular file extensions: txt, pdf, doc, docx, xlsx, ppt, and pptx. The text search is supported on both managed and network shares.

Another benefit for Microsoft Office users is the new FileCloud add-on for Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Now Office users will be able to open, edit, and save files to FileCloud directly from the application on a PC.

More highlights of the FileCloud 12.0:

Mobile Offline sync to iOS devices – Users can sync folders (one or two-way) directly from the FileCloud server. This is a significant benefit to users who work in disparate job sites and need to update their iPads without benefit of an internet connection. Mobile Offline will be available for Android devices soon.

Mobile 2FA Support – Beginning with FileCloud 12.0, CodeLathe will support the Google Authenticator two factor authentication.

Faster access to network shares by NTFS file permissions – FileCloud 12.0 will seamlessly improve the access performance of existing network shares and NTFS file permissions.

For complete list of new features please check the release notes.

FileCloud 12.0 starts at US$999/year for 20 users. Pay-as-you-go service provider licensing (SPLA) starts at US$2500 for IT service providers.

FileCloud is available through 108 partners in 55 countries around the globe. FileCloud customers include the world’s leading space agency, five of the top 500 legal firms, the largest title insurance company, the US’s leading home builder, and the third largest poultry producer.

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