Launching FileCloud 12 – Branch Office File Sharing, Full Text Search, Mobile Offline Sync and much more …

We are  happy to announce that FileCloud 12.0 is now available for general availability. Like a chocolate box, FileCloud 12 brings pleasant surprises for every one of our customers and target market segments. It is probably one of the best releases delivered by our engineering team. We have addressed hard engineering problems in the following areas: remote branch office file sharing, full text search and mobile offline sync.

It is our goal to deliver a truly innovative EFSS solution that addresses practical pain points in managing and sharing enterprise information. With FileCloud 12.0, we have taken a great leap forward to achieve that goal.

Here is the summary of major capabilities offered by FileCloud 12.

FileCloud ServerLink – Remote Office and Branch Office File Sharing

FileCloud ServerLink is an industry first, true remote office and branch office solution that addresses the latency and high availability requirements of organizations that have sites across countries and remote locations. ServerLink is a FileCloud add-on that seamlessly replicates one FileCloud site to another site in different location.

FileCloud ServerLink, Branch Office Access

Following are some of the practical scenarios where ServerLink can help greatly in sharing organization information,

  1. Companies in the construction sector often have sites in remote locations. Using ServerLink, they can replicate the files from HQ to local job sites to avoid latency and give faster access to employees who work in remote locations.
  2. Multinational companies and organizations who have offices in different countries and continents can deploy ServerLink to their branch office to reduce latency and get faster access to files.
  3. Oil and Gas companies typically deal with large data files and have job sites in remote locations. They can benefit greatly from deploying ServerLink to their job sites.
  4. Media firms with offices across countries can deploy ServerLink in each of their branch offices to get faster access to large media files.

The above mentioned scenarios are just a tip of the iceberg. Every market segment can get a true value addition by deploying ServerLink.  ServerLink is currently a Beta functionality and will be priced separately from FileCloud.

ServerLink-Branch Office File Sharing

Full Text Content Search

FileCloud 12.0 brings full text search to our customers. Now customers can search files not only based on  file name, extension and also based on the content inside the document. Full text search is supported both on managed and network shares. The content search is supported for the following file formats: txt, pdf, doc, docx, xlsx, ppt and pptx.  In the future releases, we will further augment the file search capabilities to support data leak prevention, e-discovery and federated search capabilities.


Office add-in for Word, Excel and Powerpoint

We are launching a new FileCloud office add-in that will enable users to open/edit/save files to FileCloud server directly from Microsoft word, powerpoint and excel apps on a PC. Now users can work directly from their favorite office apps and save the files to FileCloud. Moving forward, we continue to provide first class integration with Microsoft Office productivity suite on both desktop and mobile.



Mobile Offline Sync

FileCloud 12 brings mobile offline sync to iOS devices. Now users can sync folders (two way or one way) directly from the FileCloud server. It is great for users who work in remote job sites or traveling sales people who can update the documents in their iPads without requiring an internet connection. Mobile Offline sync will also come to Android devices in near future


Mobile 2FA support (Google Authenticator)

With FileCloud 12.0 onwards, we also support Google Authenticator app for two factor authentication. One can download the Google Authenticator  mobile applications from respective app stores. The user will be required to setup the Google Authenticator once and then subsequently will need to provide the code generated by the Google Authenticator app inorder to login.

FileCloud 2FA Google Authenticator

FileCloud 12 also brings 2FA support to FileCloud admin accounts.

Faster access to Network shares protected by NTFS file permissions

One of the unique selling proposition of FileCloud is that it supports your existing network shares and NTFS file permissions seamlessly.  With FileCloud 12, we have further improved the access performance of listing network shares with large number of files. This will require the updating of web server components. When it comes to enabling web, desktop and mobile access to your network shares we can confidently say FileCloud is the best solution out in the market.

Further FileCloud brings hundreds of features, incremental improvements and bug fixes. For the complete list of new improvements please check the FileCloud 12 release notes here.

FileCloud is currently used by thousands of organizations across 55 countries including world’s leading space agency, 5 of top 500 legal firms, largest title insurance company, Americas leading home builder to the third largest poultry producer. We are incredibly thankful to our customers who have a complete faith and trust in our offerings.

Innovation never stops and it is a continuous process. Our strategy  is to out innovate our competitors and lead the Enterprise File Sharing and Sync market segment.  We promise our customers that we will hyper focus our efforts  in creating the best, innovative Enterprise File Sharing and Sync Solution in the market.