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Best Self File Sharing

Self-Hosted Cloud Storage

FileCloud provides self hosted cloud server accessible within your corporation’s Firewall. Self host FileCloud on AWS, AWS GovCloud and Azure. FileCloud is compatible with any object storage such as AWS S3, Azure Blob, Wasabi, EMC ECS and other S3 storage systems.

Enterprise File Sharing

Store data securely and make it available as a web portal or a network folder. You have complete control over your data with a self hosted server and access to enterprise features like data loss prevention, data redundancy, granular file controls, user policy management, and robust administration.

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

FileCloud enables hybrid cloud which provides fast, low-latency access via LAN when you are in the office and anywhere access from the cloud when you work remotely. FileCloud synchronizes files and permissions from on-prem to the cloud server and enables a simple hybrid solution.

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Self Hosted File Sharing Server

FileCloud is one of the best on-premise file sharing solution used by thousands of Global 2000 enterprises in 90 countries across industries like government enterprises, healthcare, finance firms and universities. FileCloud can be hosted on Windows, as well as Linux. FileCloud’s self hosted cloud server provides enhanced security features, end to end encryption, virtual drive, unlimited client accounts, unlimited storage, endpoint backup and much more.

FileCloud offers powerful features such as hybrid cloud infrastructure, granular folder/sub folder permissions, custom branding, built-in ransomware protection, digital rights management, data leak prevention and content collaboration tools to organize and share your enterprise data.

Custom branding: Unlike many top EFSS solutions, FileCloud offers a variety of customization options to broadcast your brand. You can customize logos, login page image, email templates, TOS and user interface elements. You can also run FileCloud under your own business domain.

Security features: FileCloud provides digital rights management and data leak prevention out of the box while many top EFSS solutions don’t have these and provide external integrations with other costly solutions for which you may have to pay separately. Many top self hosted solutions also lack end-to-end encryption.

File encryption: FileCloud comes packed with multiple layers of data security which includes end point backup, AES256 bit encryption and SSL/TLS tunnel for data protection. Other security measures that are part of self hosted file sync includes antivirus protection, ransomware protection, and two-factor authentication.

FileCloud provides secure, fast and reliable access to enterprise data via the web, desktop drive, and mobile app. FileCloud’s Self- hosted cloud storage dramatically improves access to data, reduces latency and provides faster access to files irrespective of physical geography. FileCloud Hybrid can be integrated locally on the LAN for fast local access and a remote site on the cloud (AWS, Azure) for remote file access.

  • Data leak prevention: Rule-driven Smart DLP system securely prevents accidental data leaks.
  • Recover deleted files: Deleted files can be easily recovered by using recovery features.
  • Secure file sharing: Files can be securely shared and transferred with full control ensuring complete data privacy.
  • Hybrid cloud sync: On-premise storage and online cloud storage can be synced together to form a hybrid storage.
  • Audit capabilities: FileCloud keeps track of all the user activity and file exchange information.
  • Integration with exiting systems: FileCloud can be easily integrated with existing IT systems for reduced deployment costs.

Self Hosted Cloud

Self-Host your own file share and sync solution to provide ubiquitous file access, share and sync to your employees, customers and partners.

Powerful File Sharing Features

Public,Private and password protected shares with expiration dates. Granular sub folder level permissions. Built-in document preview and view only shares equipped with self hosted file share.

Large File Support

Drag & Drop file uploads. Easy to use file request feature and anonymous file uploads support. Share large files with no size limit.

Custom Branding

FileCloud document portal can be custom branded with your business logo, login page image and email templates. You can run the self hosted file share client portal under your own business domain.

Unlimited, Free Client Access

FileCloud offers free unlimited client accounts for sharing confidential files with clients. You only pay for your employee accounts.

Real Savings

Get more for less. For 1000 users, Dropbox will cost you 240,000 $/Year where FileCloud cost you only 40,000$/Year.

Advanced Audit Capabilities

FileCloud keeps track of complete audit logs (what, when, who, where and how). Detailed share analytics and logs of who uploaded, downloaded, deleted and previewed files from your client portal is available anytime.

Secure Document Sharing

FileCloud ensures secure document sharing with enterprise grade security while offering an easy to work on user interface which remains affordable for your business.

Superior Data Privacy and Security

Public SaaS File Sharing offerings are prone to spoofing and ransomware attacks. In contrast FileCloud’s distributed architecture and capabilities to monitor, prevent, and fix data leakage assure corporate data is protected across all your devices. Ours advanced management controls and detailed activity logs helps you to secure organization data without losing control.

Easy Integration

FileCloud offers easy integration with existing corporate IT systems (Active Directory, NTFS File permissions, Network Shares, ADFS, NTLM SSO). Our powerful API’s makes integration with your line of business apps a breeze. FileCloud also integrates with apps like PDF Expert, Bluebeam and other popular LOB apps. Improves collaboration among employees by making network shares available for remote access via web and mobile.

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FileCloud Delivers Enterprise Value

FileCloud Advantages:-

  • Host files on your own premises.
  • Use Windows Network Folders with NTFS permissions.
  • FileCloud integrates with Active Directory.
  • External file sharing capabilities to share files with vendors, partners, and customers.
  • Remotely wipe files on client devices (PCs, mobile apps etc).
  • FileCloud offers strong metadata management capabilities to classify files using custom metadata sets.
  • FileCloud provides powerful administration features for system admins (Device dashboard, detailed audit log, reports and more)
  • FileCloud offers a federated search in order to support e-discovery and GDPR compliance.
  • FileCloud offers security and permissions at folder/subfolder levels.

Learn more about advanced file sharing features

“The Portuguese Mint also has the delicate job of balancing ease of internal and external communications with security and accountability.”

Best Self Hosted Server

FileCloud easily fits all organizational needs with seamless capabilities and ease of use.

FileCloud provides advanced workflow automation to automate tasks, processes and improve team collaboration.

FileCloud’s client document portal can be created and enabled in a few minutes.

“We liked FileCloud’s pricing, comprehensive feature set (branding, encryption) and the responsive support”


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