FileCloud Announces NextGen Breach Intercept, Expands Anti-Virus Integrations for Enterprise


FileCloud, today announced NextGen Breach Intercept, its expanded anti-virus integration capabilities and end-to-end data protection for the enterprise. With advanced security features including support for FIPS 140, FileCloud enables organizations to store, manage and collaborate on their most critical content with agility, security, compliance and with sovereignty over their data.

“Malicious attacks can cause business interruption, have deep financial impacts or even destroy an organization’s reputation,” said Madhan Kanagavel, CEO of FileCloud. “At FileCloud, we enable secure collaboration across an organization and protect their data regardless of its location. Our NextGen Breach Intercept addresses the increasing threats organizations are facing, by integrating with anti-virus solutions to defend, detect, and recover securely and within compliance requirements.”

Content collaboration is central to many organizations’ abilities to conduct business. With increasing devices and endpoints that can access, upload and share data, protecting data is critical. With FileCloud’s NextGen Breach Intercept, any file that is uploaded or synced is scanned for viruses. If a malicious file is found, a systems administrator is notified. This new version can be integrated with any anti-virus solution that supports ICAP protocol.

“By using FileCloud, we’ve helped hundreds of clients enhance their collaborative practices while maintaining strict security and regulatory requirements,“ said Jan Schmidt, Marketing Director, BUSYMOUSE. “FileCloud gives us the complete flexibility to select the infrastructure and security solutions to solve a variety of use-cases for our clients. It has made such a positive impact on how our clients collaborate within their organization and with their own customers.”

With 85% of an organization’s content housed on on-premise file servers, enterprises are adopting cloud strategies that combine private and public clouds in blended infrastructure environments to achieve business agility, security, compliance or data sovereignty reasons. FileCloud is an advanced, scalable platform that solves the needs of large enterprise organizations. NextGen Breach Intercept will be available late September 2018.

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