FileCloud 18.2 Is Now Available on Playstore – With Advanced Search, SSO and GIF Support

Whether you occasionally work remotely or you are always on the go, working outside your office has now become the norm. To accomplish your tasks from anywhere, you need enterprise-grade tools that won’t hold you back, enabling you to stay ahead of the competition. With the FileCloud Android app, you can access, edit and share your files right from your phone or tablet.

New features in this Android app update include:

  1. Full-Text Search: You can search specific text in files and folders across your FileCloud account
  2. SSO Support: Use the same credential to access the FileCloud account that you use for other internal apps/services
  3. File Filters: Easy to browse through large folders by using filters inside a folder to get to a specific file
  4. GIF Support and Photo Preview: Use our GIF support to share gifs instead of video snippets for better user experience and customer support


Full-Text Search: Search for files and folders across your server

The amount of digital content is growing exponentially especially within organizations. Significant time is spent on locating the right file. Improving the content search will significantly improve user productivity, and improve employee satisfaction. With our updated Android app, you can search for a specific keyword not only on the file name but also on the content of the files. When you type in a keyword, FileCloud instantly returns all documents that contain that word or phrase anywhere in the file — even for docs that were uploaded just seconds ago. For example, if you need to find a document about ‘tax’, you can search using the text ‘tax’ and scroll through the results in search, rather than having to go through entire files/folders. From search results, users can
– Navigate to a folder
– Preview any file which is already supported by the app
– Refresh search results
– Preview the content of supported file types

New Filtering Interface

Scrolling through a large folder to locate a file is hard, especially on smaller mobile devices. With our new filtering interface, you can now easily find the files you are looking for without having to scroll through the entire folder. Filters shortlist only the files with specific keywords in their name. Filters are convenient, especially when want to locate a file that you know is in a folder and you know part of the file’s name. You can filter using document types (PDF, Document, Spreadsheet, Presentation, Image).



SSO login support (Note: SSO login requires FileCloud server version 18.2 or higher)

If your administrator has set up “single sign-on”  you’ll be able to access FileCloud using the same login credentials you use for other work applications.

This is both more convenient for your employees and a more secure best practice for your organization. Admins can make single sign-on mandatory or optional. If your admin has made single sign-on optional, you’ll be able to use sign-in with your normal FileCloud password, or just leave the password field blank to get redirected to your company’s sign-in page – it’s entirely up to you!

New photo previewing, including new transitions and GIF support

We’ve always felt that animated GIFs are good for more than a quick laugh—they’re also an effective tool to deliver customer support. We’ve seen this first hand from talking to our customers; rarely does anyone expect to see a visual reply, despite how “showing” always beats “telling.” Unlike video screen captures, you can insert them directly into the reply so your customers won’t be directed away from the email. Any occasion can be perfect for sending GIFs, and FileCloud will help you to send the perfect GIF to your customers.



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