FileCloud 18.2 is Now Available on Apple iOS App Store – SSO, Multitasking in iPad, Files App Integration

Your enterprise mobile apps matter…

According to a study Bluecoat, which looked at 15,000 different enterprise cloud application apps and 108 million enterprise documents:

  • 12% of the documents examined in the survey contained regulated or confidential information, such as source code and legal information. One such document can result in a violation under HIPAA or GDPR privacy regulations, damaging your reputation and costing you millions via a penalty.
  • Enterprises use about 20 times the number of cloud applications than they estimate. You need to secure all these applications and apps while maintaining a productive work environment.

… and we want to make sure you get the best!

We recently released our updated FileCloud iOS app on the App store, and we have introduced some new features which will make your filesharing app experience more secure, easy, and productive.


Single Sign-on (SSO) support

We’re excited to announce the launch of Single Sign-on (SSO) support in our FileCloud iOS App. By configuring SSO, you can use your identity provider of choice to authenticate your employees’ access to FileCloud. Once configured, your employees can use the same credentials to access FileCloud that they currently use for other internal systems. This is both more convenient for your employees and a more secure best practice for your organization.

In App Edit

Need to edit a document? There’s no need to download it, save changes, and upload a new version to the cloud. With FileCloud, you can edit your Microsoft Office documents quickly and seamlessly by launching Office apps from the FileCloud app.

Browse Folders and Files in Gallery View

Browse through folders easily and preview folders/files with a gallery experience. You can quickly preview files without opening them in a full-blown application. Select any file and press the spacebar. The file will open in a simple preview window. Press the space bar again to dismiss the preview. The built-in preview supports most file formats for documents, images, video, and audio. In the preview, you can scroll through your documents or seek through your video and audio. Load any file, ranging from large images to Microsoft Office documents, onto your device – it’s faster and easier than ever before.


Advanced iPad multitasking

Users can run FileCloud app in parallel with other applications on the iPad, making work faster and more efficient. Whether it’s editing a PowerPoint presentation or drafting an email, multitasking is a feature that will be useful when you are using iPads.


A quick summary of all the major new features:

  • Easily manage your files and documents without having to sign in with a separate user ID and password. This saves time and improves efficiency
  • Create, edit, and manage new files on your phone with a single click from your FileCloud app
  • Drag and drop files from third-party apps to FileCloud app, thus making the process quicker and easier
  • Create new files in Office and other productivity apps, saving them directly to the FileCloud server
  • Native integration with the Files app
  • Upload files from the (iCloud, Dropbox, etc.) as well as other apps to FileCloud
  • New option to view in Safari for files and folders
  • Advanced iPad multitasking
  • View your privacy policy, terms of service, and help documentation without leaving the app


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