Working from Home? Replace Office Scanners with FileCloud Mobile App Scanner

Working from Home? 

The Covid-19 outbreak has affected countless organizations and businesses everywhere in the world, forcing them to shut down workspaces and make drastic changes to their workspaces and workflow.

Now, more than ever, teams across the globe need a good EFSS (Enterprise File Sync-And-Share) solution that can stand strong amidst the chaos of the pandemic – and FileCloud, one of the strongest, most affordable and feature-rich solutions on the market, is here to help.

(Read more about our stance on the COVID-19 outbreak here.)

FileCloud Mobile App: Tools for Working from Home

Of course, as a file-sharing and -sync solution, our entire premise revolves around helping you and your team work remotely from the comfort of home with multi-device support, HIPAA-compliant data security measures, and comprehensive admin panels that give you full control over the data you’re choosing to host with us.

However, did you know that our mobile app (yep, we have one, with a simple UI to fit beautifully with your sleek mobile devices) comes with an in-app scanner?

Scanning documents can often be a daily occurrence for employees who handle office work, and while excusable in the office, let’s be honest, there are better things to fill our homes with than a clunky old scanner machine. With our FileCloud Mobile App scanner, all you need is a device with a camera to get high-quality and stunning-resolution scans of all your important documents.

To access this nifty feature, of course, first you’ll need to get our FileCloud app from your device store. The app is available for iOS and Android, so no worries there!

After getting the app, login to your organization with your account details, and access the folder you want to save your document into. Click on the “+” button at the top right, then select the “Scan Document…” option from the dropdown menu.

Position your document in your camera – it doesn’t have to be perfect and you don’t have to worry about cropping the background out, we’ll fix it up for you afterwards, we promise!

After you (and the scanner!) are satisfied, a picture will be taken automatically, after which you’ll be able to adjust its frame and color till you’re convinced that the beautiful scan you just took is perfect.

Ending Note

Working from home, especially when you’re used to a communal office setting, can be tough. We at FileCloud are working tirelessly to ensure that our EFSS solution is as simple, straightforward and feature-rich enough to help you and your team adjust to the file-sharing aspect of remote work.

Stay safe and healthy out there, and happy scanning!