POW!! WHAM!! CodeLathe (FileCloud) Superheroes in Dubai

By Navya Manoj

We are FileCloud!

For the creators of FileCloud, it was an exciting first week of January. During our company-wide meeting, Madhan, our chief superhero, announced that we were going to have a team meeting. Where? Let me give you a few hints…


… that’s right! We were meeting in Dubai!

Everyone was super excited as many of us had never even met each other since we work remotely. The point is we were all very excited to finally meet the people we were working with and to make sure they were all real.

The Kick-off

So, February comes and it was finally time for the meetup! We were all excited and nervous at the same time. The most important part was that we all made it to the venue on time. This was a huge deal since we were travelling from very different parts of the world. We were trying to cram as many team building events as possible into the limited amount of time we had.

The First Day

Can you say jet lag? We were all ushered into a meeting room where we had to take turns introducing each other. Hello, my name is Navya. I work in Marketing and I love to sing!

Next, Madhan explained how the company began and where we are heading. Our number one priority? Customers. Number two? Growth. When he was done, we were all aligned with the common goals that would help us move the company in the right direction.

And after a quick lunch, it was time for… Codelathe’s Got Talent! Oh yes! we have quite a lot of talented people in our team. We quickly found out we have a lot of singers, composers, guitarists, and also a very talented dog on our team!

She is a very good girl! <3 Tomasz you are very lucky

This is one of our engineer’s best friend. She showed us how to sniff out treats and was the clear winner in my opinion!

To end a busy day, in the evening we went to the iconic Burj Khalifa. Did you know it’s the tallest building in the world? It stands at 828 meters (2,716.5 feet).

Burj Khalifa

After a couple of hours in the queue waiting for the elevator, we finally reached the top to witness the beautiful view of the city at night.

The Second Day

CodeLathe superheros were back again in the meeting room – many with little sleep from previous night’s pub crawl. Maybe even some with no sleep. Since normally we do not get the chance to work together in-person, we took this opportunity to work within our functional teams. This was the best team building event so far. It gave us the confidence to trust each other to build the best product possible.

After working in the teams that we were used to, the next activity divided us into random teams. We were also given problems to solve that we weren’t used to solving. Can you build the tallest standing structure with only long thin wooden sticks, string, and tape? Someone who shall remain nameless ( ahem.. Jack ) got really competitive during this event but we got to know people we don’t usually work with, learned to give and take feedback, and brainstorm ideas respectfully. And with each new task, the teams got better at solving problems!

How can this day get any better? Time for Dune Bashing!

This is a legit pic taken by one of our team members! Isn’t it gorgeous?!

Although a few of our members (Anis, Omar, and Kathy, I am looking at you :D) did not really enjoy the dune bashing, it really was a beautiful spectacle and the sunset was something we won’t soon forget!

CodeLathers on the dunes! <3

Sadly, it was time for most of us to say goodbye by the end of the day. People had early morning flights and our meet up was coming to an end. But some of our team members wanted more … 😉

The Bonus Day Adventure!

The next day a few of our team members tried sky diving! We simply have to share these amazing pictures with you!

You go Ernesto!

Well it would be a crime to not put our gif master here! Jump Corentin! 😉

Hari, who was not really sure about diving untill he actually did it!

Oh, and it’s not just the guys! Our Codelathe women were not far behind! #girlpower

Our champion – Aruna!

The Girls after the dive! \ 🙂 /

All of this would not have been possible without our superwoman Kathy! She organized all of this in a short span of time. Kathy arranged everything for us from hotels to visas to our stay in the most amazing city. She made sure everyone could be present and had a good time! Because of Kathy, this meet up was a huge success! Thank you!

Kathy Tibon. The super-organizer who made this possible!

I know this is a rather long post, but we really had to share this with you all! CodeLathe is blessed to have such loyal customers and it is our wish that you enjoyed the journey as much as we did.

As our chief superhero says:

  • Be Customer Centric
  • Get Things Done
  • Be Authentic!