FileCloud Community Edition Brings Powerful File Sharing and Sync Tools to Individuals and Small Teams


Today, FileCloud launched FileCloud Community Edition, a new solution that gives small teams and individual entrepreneurs the same powerful tools used by some of the world’s largest companies and government agencies.

FileCloud Community Edition is designed to meet the needs of individuals and teams who need to create a secure place to share files with clients and collaborators. This new offering presents independent workers a seamlessly start with FileCloud and a way of immediately claiming complete ownership and control over their data.

Collaboration on even the simplest projects can quickly get bogged down when information gets buried in email strings or lost in a lengthy text threads. FileCloud Community Edition keeps files up-to-date with the latest changes and eliminates the need to share large documents over email. The platform’s enterprise-grade security ensures that only those designated to see certain files can access them.

Powerful Combination of Privacy and Collaboration

Today’s complex data-sharing environment comes with multiple privacy challenges. Individuals and teams concerned about protecting their data can benefit from the FileCloud Community Edition.

“Today’s independent workers should spend their energy creating great experiences for their clients and not organizing their files,” said Venkat Ramasamy, COO, FileCloud. “FileCloud Community Edition gives everyone—from families to solo entrepreneurs to small teams—a professional way to share and sync their information.”

Setup is easy, as FileCloud Community Edition runs on Windows servers, a more familiar environment for most small businesses than Linux. FileCloud is a good fit for organizations looking for an enterprise-grade alternative to OwnCloud and NextCloud.

Available today for $10 per year (with all proceeds going to charity), FileCloud Community Edition includes:

  • Five full-feature users, plus an unlimited number of web users
  • Easy connections to local storage, Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure cloud storage
  • Ability to host it yourself anywhere (on-site or in the cloud)
  • Remote access from Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • File sync and access from mobile devices (iOS/Android)
  • Access to Windows file shares without need for VPN
  • Use existing NTFS permissions for user authorization and access
  • Support from the FileCloud Community Edition Support Forum


To learn more about FileCloud Community Edition, visit here.