FileCloud Aurora – All About Visual and Animated Cues


In November 2020, FileCloud released update 20.2 – a complete rehaul of our Sync, Mobile and browser UI and functionalities. We at FileCloud have been working on this for a very, very long time, and so we’re incredibly proud to present to you: FileCloud Aurora.

Today, we’re going to be covering one of the most important visual functionality additions to our new UI: Visual and Animated Cues.

For a comprehensive overview of all of FileCloud Aurora’s new features, please visit our previous blog post Introducing FileCloud Aurora! Brand New UI and DRM Capabilities!.

What Are Visual and Animated Cues?

We’re all about helping you and your team save time. FileCloud Aurora brings workflow efficiency to the next level with tons of quality of life updates that help you work fast. These cues range from simple color-coding of each separate part of your Drive in order to help you subconsciously navigate the workspace faster, to easy-to-recognize icons that save space while also helping you work faster. 

We’ve also added tons of personalization options for your viewing pleasure — when you’re spending as much time as you are working within an EFSS solution, the least it could do is be themed in your favorite color, after all!

Color Palette / Personalization

You can also completely change the color palette of your workspace! Don’t like the default color themes? Change them to any hue and varying saturation levels in the settings like so:

Not only are the colors customizable, so is almost everything else on display, such as date format, time format and language. Of course, FileCloud Aurora also boasts our usual branding capabilities, in which admins can change every aspect of the workspace, including URL, login background, templates and more.

We’re confident that no other file-sharing solution offers remotely the level of customizability to your own workspace. Naturally, we also have a clean dark theme ready for you to use. #DarkThemeMasterRace, after all. 

Visual Hints, Cues & Animations

As mentioned before, there are tons of little cues and hints that we’ve added into FileCloud Aurora during the redesign process of the UI. Not only are there now animations for each little action you take with your files, there are also colored visual cues that mark out each separate area of your library. 

Visual Hints & Animations

For instance, Team Folders are marked with a dark blue dot in this workspace. Navigating to Team Folders adds a dark blue line across the top of the screen, indicating which area the user is currently in. This means that the more you use Aurora, the easier you’ll find to navigate the workspace, and you’ll never need to scrutinize the URL or header to figure out which area you’re viewing — you’ll just subconsciously know!


It might seem like a subtle change, but when your team is shaving seconds off every action, it all adds up to save you and your team tons of time. Thanks for tuning in, and we hope that you’re enjoying our FileCloud 20.2 Update: FileCloud Aurora!