FileCloud Launches Industry’s First Enterprise File Share and Sync Solution with Built-In Ransomware Protection

Powerful protection features to protect files against ransomware are added to the IT industry’s most innovative file sharing and sync platform



AUSTIN, TEXAS – September 28, 2016 – CodeLathe, the leading provider of Enterprise File Sharing and Sync platform, announced today the immediate availability of FileCloud 13. This new version offers powerful features to protect enterprise files from ever growing ransomware threats.

According to Datto, a data protection company from Connecticut, ransomware attacks now cost small and medium companies at least $75 billion in expenses and lost productivity each year. Federal Bureau of Investigation cautions – “The number of ransomware incidents—and the ensuing damage they cause—will grow even more in 2016 if individuals and organizations don’t prepare for these attacks in advance.”

“Ransomware is the No.1 cyber security threat faced by enterprises today,” said Madhan Kanagavel, CEO of CodeLathe. “Ransomware protection should be a key requirement for an enterprise file sharing product. Undoubtedly, FileCloud offers the most powerful ransomware protection features among EFSS products. More than ever your files need it”.

What is Ransomware? Why do EFSS solutions need built-in protection?

Ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts digital files and removes originals forcing the enterprise to pay ransom to unlock the data. The victims of ransomware range from schools, hospitals, police departments, SMEs to large enterprises.

Enterprise File Sharing and Sync (EFSS) solutions can exacerbate the ransomware problem. Since EFSS solutions provide endpoint agents that access, synchronize, backup data from and to central repository, the risk of infection increases a lot without adequate protection. Sync and backup applications will end up synchronizing encrypted file rendering backed up data unusable.

Public cloud EFSS providers such as Dropbox, Office 365, and Google Drive are a favorite target for ransomware and they provide an attack vector into end user computers by delivering malware payload via spoofed email messages. Recent security breaches in Dropbox (68 million accounts), Adobe (38 million accounts), LinkedIn (117 million accounts) and Yahoo (500 million) further exacerbates the ransomware threat.

How does FileCloud Protect Enterprise Data from Ransomware?

File Content Heuristic Engine – To protect data from ransomware attacks, FileCloud 13 has incorporated a file content heuristic engine to find, and protect files from attacks. Heuristic engines can detect unwanted types file based on its content signature. If the detected file type does not match its mime type, then a variety of actions can be setup to keep the ransomware from spreading. You can read more about FileCloud content heuristic engine and how it protects your files from ransomware our site.

Granular permissions to prevent writes to sensitive data – FileCloud 13 supports ACLs to allow custom permission for the file resources. Using granular permissions, organizations can build permission tree to protect sensitive data. Therefore, even if a folder is exposed via Drive or Sync clients, the client cannot modify the folder data preventing any infection risk.

Recovery from ransomware – Backing up and versioning of files can be effective mechanism to recover from a ransomware attack. In the event of a ransomware attack in a client computer, if the data had been versioned in FileCloud server, then the client computer data can be restored using older versions from the server. FileCloud offers unlimited versioning, endpoint backup and rollback scripts to help companies develop effective anti-ransomware strategies.

Customization is an effective deterrent – Email spoofing is one of the primary delivery method to send malware to end user computers. With Dropbox and other public SaaS products, hackers can easily spoof the email and users aren’t usually aware of what is behind a link because every email and link look the same. Filecloud offers an array of custom branding options for UI, business domain, and email templates to login page image.

FileCloud 13 availability

FileCloud 13 is available for immediate download from our customer portal. For complete list of new features please check our FileCloud 13 launch blog post.

Currently, FileCloud is used by Fortune 500 companies; Global 2000 firms; world’s leading law firms; city, state and federal institutions; world-class universities; and renowned science and research organizations. FileCloud is deployed in over 90 countries. FileCloud also has more than 100 VARs and Managed Service Providers across the world.

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