Competitor Series: FileCloud Server vs. Hyland OnBase

December 9, 2022

In November, we picked up our competitor series, comparing how Egnyte and CTERA stack up against FileCloud. We have also compared FileCloud with ownCloud and Nextcloud. Our next comparison is between FileCloud Server and Hyland OnBase. Hyland OnBase has been around for more than thirty years, which is quite an achievement in this constantly changing […]

In November, we picked up our competitor series, comparing how Egnyte and CTERA stack up against FileCloud. We have also compared FileCloud with ownCloud and Nextcloud.

Our next comparison is between FileCloud Server and Hyland OnBase.

Hyland OnBase has been around for more than thirty years, which is quite an achievement in this constantly changing industry. It’s a trusted on-premises CCP (Content Collaboration Platform).

However, when it comes to the features we find to be necessary in a modern file-sharing environment, we don’t think OnBase quite compares to FileCloud.

Let’s take a look at some of those features.

Secure File Sharing and Sync

Secure file sharing along with working sync features are some of the most vital aspects for any modern file sharing system. Users must be able to share and sync files with hyper-security and speed so that no matter who’s working and where, files are where they need to be.

For this reason, it matters how exactly files can be shared.

Can I Control My Shares?

With FileCloud, you gain control over your shared files by setting shares as public (with or without password protection) or private (must have a FileCloud account). You can also set expiration dates on share links.

This type of control means that you can help ensure that private files are not shared accidentally or maliciously. Expiration dates mean you can ensure your important data is only shared for a specific amount of time.

Hyland OnBase does have secure file sharing (view, download, upload, share, sync, delete & manage), but unfortunately, OnBase users don’t have the needed ability to control shares before (and after) they’re shared like FileCloud does.

Granular and Sub-Folder Sharing Permissions

With FileCloud, control over your shares and files goes deeper than external concerns. Admins can also control internal access by applying granular permissions to folders, sub-folders, and files based on user, group, or global policies. These policies can help ensure that information and data is only shared with those who need to view those folders and files.

This granular control is another feature you won’t be able to access if you use Hyland OnBase.

Real-time Sync of Network Shares

FileCloud has been a global company since its inception, and we’re often working with colleagues in different time zones. That means that we understand the importance of syncing. FileCloud allows you to directly connect to gateway storage modes (network shares, cloud connectors, etc.) for real-time syncing and better collaboration with remote teams, clients, and partners.

Unfortunately, Hyland OnBase does not have this feature, which means it could be harder to accurately collaborate with employees, clients, and vendors.

The Value of Collaboration

One of the most important aspects of a Content Collaboration Platform is, of course, collaboration. This means that teams (no matter what time zone) are always able to work together seamlessly on projects without redoing or missing work.

FileCloud makes collaboration like this easy with:

Team Folders – Workspace for Projects or Teams: This FileCloud features allows teams to create a shared “workspace” for files and folders, so teams with access can freely collaborate according to set permissions.

Co-Author Microsoft Office & Google Docs: Open and edit files saved in FileCloud with Microsoft Office and Google Docs for real-time collaboration and co-authoring.

File Locking and Lock Management (via MS Office/DocIQ): Ensure only one person can make changes to a file; admins can manage locked files directly so no files are permanently checked out or locked.

Unlimited File Versioning: Protect your files against data loss. FileCloud stores an unlimited number of file versions without using up your storage space.

These four features are just a few of the ways FileCloud enables easy collaboration between users.

While Hyland OnBase does have one important collaboration feature that allows users to share, comment, request, and notify on files (which you can also do in FileCloud), it doesn’t have the other features that we believe are necessary to making collaboration seamless.


All CCPs now have security baked into their platforms, but FileCloud takes it a step further with hyper-security. This type of security protects data and files, whether they’re stored in FileCloud or have been shared outside the FileCloud environment.

One of the important ways we manage this is with:

Device Management and Anti-Virus/Malware Protection

Many people access and work on their devices such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. That’s why, in FileCloud, admins can view a list of connected devices, and leverage that view to remotely wipe data or block users in case of suspicious activity or device loss. This help ensures that even if someone accessed your data through malicious or accidental sharing of passwords or loss of devices, admins can remove those devices from access.

In addition to ensuring that outside access is secure, admins also need to ensure that anything being uploaded into their FileCloud system is secure as well. That’s why FileCloud has automatic virus and malware scanning, which secures uploaded files and helps protect business finances, operations, and reputation.

Of course Hyland OnBase does have important security features, such as Enterprise Console, RBAC, encryption and even ransomware protection. Unfortunately, one of the biggest ways that enterprises lose data through cyberattacks is due to accidental or malicious user activity. FileCloud’s Device Management and Anti-Virus/Malware Protection helps ensure this doesn’t happen.

Your Brand is Everything

Your brand is how your customers, employees, and vendors know who you are, what you stand for, and, in these days of cyberattacks, that you’re the company they know and trust. That’s why maintaining your brand across all your platforms and apps is a vital but often overlooked part of looking for a solid CCP.

FileCloud has so many customized branding options including:

Custom Mail Server: Use a mail server connected with your domain/URL to extend your digital brand and build rapport with clients, customers, and partners.

Custom Domain: Run your content collaboration platform under your business domain/URL to increase brand recognition.

Custom Web Branding: Reinforce your brand by applying your custom logo, colors, and background images to dashboards and login portals.

Custom Communication: Customize communications (Terms of Service/Policies) to reinforce connections with global clients and employees.

Unfortunately, one of the ways Hyland OnBase falls short is in their branding and customization options. While they have local language support like FileCloud, they have few other options for continuing and maintaining your brand.

The Power of Integrations

Switching between apps and tools costs users each and every day. In fact it can take 23 minutes to get focus back after a distraction like switching between apps. That’s why FileCloud has so many integrations available within its hyper-secure system, so you can stop wasting time switching between dozens of apps. Some of the most important of these include:

Office 365/Google Docs: Open, edit, and save files stored in FileCloud using Microsoft (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) and Google apps (Docs, Sheets, Slides).

OnlyOffice/Collabora: Open, edit, and save files stored in FileCloud using OnlyOffice or Collabora via Open Document Format (odt, odp, ods, odg) or Office Open XML formats (docx, pptx, xlsx).

WebDAV: Integrate WebDAV protocols, so users can create, change, and move documents on the server.

SMS Gateway Integration: Enable in-platform delivery and receipt of SMS text messages (mainly for authentication/access authorization requests).

Many of these integrations, such as the Office 365, Google Docs, OnlyOffice, and Collabora are another way FileCloud supports collaboration between users and teams. Hyland OnBase certainly has some integrations available, such as a Microsoft Outlook Add-on and Developer APIs, but they don’t have nearly as many available as FileCloud.


Hyland OnBase has been around for a long time, and we’re not denying that it has some great features. But if you’re looking for a hyper-secure system that also includes valuable collaboration tools? Well, we think FileCloud has it beat.

In fact, one Project Manager who also considered Hyland had this to say about FileCloud,

“FileCloud […] is a powerful and effective file management platform […] My primary use in this platform is to manage the files, recover the lost files, remote access, and content collaboration with the team, and I must say this is the best in this segment.”

~Written by Megan Barnard, Digital Content Specialist

By Megan Barnard

Digital Content Specialist