Independent Review of FileCloud’s Hyper-Secure EFSS Capabilities

Validated by Europe’s leading independent test lab

Enterprises around the world are grappling with how best to secure, share, and collaborate on data. Business practices for the digital landscape have emphasized ease of access, privacy standards, and efficient operations as major factors for success.

On top of these business expectations, national and international regulatory bodies have published mandates to reinforce privacy and security protections, in response to growing cybersecurity threats (and concurrent costs). Failure to comply can leave companies vulnerable to cyberattacks and result in hefty financial penalties, as well as loss of consumer trust.

Enterprises are increasingly looking to Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) or Content Collaboration Platform (CCP) solutions to cope with these challenges. But not all solutions are cut out to fulfill these diverse and demanding needs.

Public cloud EFSS or CCP solutions have been pitched as the ideal solution to make file storage and sharing easier between users and groups. However, these services often require clients to sacrifice privacy or security for that ease of use. They may also not have the necessary tools to meet compliance requirements, and runaway storage fees can drive up the cost of the cloud until it is no longer economically feasible.

Alternatively, on-premises solutions provide clients with maximum control over data. However, this infrastructure can be difficult to configure and maintain. The increased security features may also restrict the easy exchange or sharing of data, cutting into collaboration opportunities, which are increasingly required by digital/remote teams.

FileCloud responds to these use cases with an on-premises platform noted for its “cloud-like” ease of use, intuitive file sharing and collaboration, robust hyper-security, and efficient compliance support.

Here are a few highlights from the Broadband-Testing report on FileCloud:

  • Immediate use with walkthrough support
  • Windows/Linux server support and mobile applications
  • Active Directory integration and support for NTFS permissions
  • Migrate data at your own pace
User Experience
  • Simple and familiar interface, supporting user accessibility
  • File activity summary
  • Drag-and-Drop interface
Content Security & Governance
  • Content management via metadata and classification
  • Content security via retention policies, DLP, and DRM
  • Integrated compliance support

Control over data residency and access to existing enterprise content are two critical use cases that have cropped up across industries. They have also proven difficult to meet with either existing CCPs or a DIY approach. FileCloud offers a nimble response to both use cases with robust compliance support, hyper-security, and a feature-packed collaboration platform.

About Broadband-Testing

Headquartered in Europe, Broadband-Testing is an independent testing and reviewing company, occupying a niche space between vendors, media outlets, analysts, consulting agencies, and investment communities. In building their reports, Broadband-Testing evaluates all aspects of a product or service, including solution claims, deployment process, ease of use/management, performance, and accuracy.

“No less a body than Gartner made the point that FileCloud’s only real competition is a do-it-yourself approach, manually gathering together and integrating the many and various components that the FileCloud platform consists of. […] At Broadband-Testing, over the years, we have had the opportunity to compare – across various spheres of IT – specialist products versus their DIY equivalent, and in every case the DIY approach failed miserably – and usually expensively.”

“FileCloud has achieved what many might have thought impossible – to provide a secure, ultra-flexible and ultra-comprehensive Enterprise-level OnPrem solution for file and content storage and management, with the ease of use and deployment of a consumer-oriented, cloud-based service.”


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