Enabling Secure File Sharing and Storage for Financial Workflow Automation


The Problem

HiVRs is a workflow automation tool deployed within Zovanti, a financial planning and management firm that interfaces with one of the most powerful CRM tools, Salesforce, to provide solutions for the financial services sector. By automating workflows, HiVRs can mitigate and reduce administrative and compliance burdens faced by the financial services industry in Australia and around the world.

Before HiVRs could provide this automation potential, the tool needed to integrate with an API-driven content collaboration platform (CCP) that could:

  • meet rigid data residency requirements for data storage
  • interface with Salesforce
  • support secure access for Zovanti end-users and clients.

Why FileCloud

FileCloud is an API-driven enterprise file-sharing platform that comes with a full suite of storage and management features, which can be leveraged by the HiVRs workflow automation solution to automate document creation and storage, as well as file and folder sharing. Fine-tuned controls and visibility features like metadata tagging and automated classification ensure data can be easily located by admins and users alike.

Along with built-in hyper-security, FileCloud also offers a robust interface between the financial services sector and their clients, while supporting compliance with data residency regulations through deployment options. Zovanti deploys FileCloud with AWS S3 buckets, whereas HiVRs integrates FileCloud with Azure, hosted in the client’s region. Storage with FileCloud also comes at a fraction of a cost compared to Salesforce.

The Outcome

FileCloud’s flexibility answered the main requirement for HiVRs – the CCP can integrate seamlessly with the workflow automation tool while preserving HiVRs’ strict control over data via regional storage. HiVRs can leverage FileCloud’s functionalities, including hyper-secure access, granular file permissions, and Zero Trust File SharingSM, to support financial services transactions and file management, in tandem with Salesforce.

As a result, HiVRs is able to offer improved productivity and efficiency, alongside an alleviated compliance burden for highly regulated industries like financial services.

Enabling Secure File Sharing and Storage for Financial Workflow Automation


Flexibility and Sovereignty

HiVRs is an application designed to automate data storage and management workflows between Salesforce and other storage solutions used by Zovanti, a financial management firm that supports financial services organizations and their end-clients.

For HiVRs to reach its full potential as a workflow automation solution, it needed to integrate with a flexible, all-in-one file storage and management solution. This solution needed to include robust security features, support Australian data residency requirements, and provide users with reliable remote access.

However, most of the available platforms under consideration offered limited API endpoints, which was a critical component for HiVRs to function. HiVRs needed a 100% API-driven Content Collaboration Platform (CCP) with a robust feature stack that could support file activities common for financial services operations.

Not only did the solution need to incorporate API-based flexibility, but it also needed to comply with Australian data residency requirements in the form of an on-premises or regionally-hosted deployment solution.

HiVRs investigated options for a year, testing various systems until they found FileCloud.

A CCP to Power the Hive


HiVRs integrates with FileCloud via API endpoints to create a system of automated behaviors affecting folder and file creation, storage, access permissions, search, and file sharing (including FileCloud’s industry-first Zero Trust File SharingSM).

End clients can access data remotely through the client portal, ensuring the continuity of HiVRs workflows, regardless of the client’s location or internet access. The hyper-secure platform provides options for granular file and folder sharing to modulate access to sensitive data, confirm receipt, and process approvals or updates.

Meanwhile, FileCloud’s deployment options allow HiVRs to regionally host data to comply with Australian regulatory requirements. HiVRs creates a dynamic connection between FileCloud, external storage systems like Salesforce, and end-users, packaged as a comprehensive and intuitive solution for Zovanti’s financial services clients.

Facilitating Global Automation

The depth and breadth of FileCloud features, combined with the flexibility of API endpoints and the regional deployment option made FileCloud an easy choice when HiVRs was evaluating CCP solutions.

The sheer power and productivity of HiVRs comes to life with FileCloud, an enterprise-grade and compliance-friendly file management solution with anywhere-anytime access and hyper-secure file sharing.

By integrating with FileCloud, HiVRs is able to support compliance requirements, streamline critical workflows, and reduce administrative overhead. By deploying HiVRs with FileCloud, financial service providers like Zovanti can provide clients with an optimized interface and intuitive solutions.

"We knew that it had to be on-premises and that we had to control it to be in Australia. So that cut out every big player and every Dropbox equivalent. It came down between FileCloud and another competitor. FileCloud has way more features, and when I saw FileCloud worked with our banking provider, it made the decision for us.”

Stephen Bell, CEO of HiVRs



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