Global Banking Group Secures Sensitive Customer Information via FileCloud


The Problem

Our client is a global brand name in the financial services sector, with millions of customers in its B2C and B2B lines of business. To stay ahead of security and regulatory requirements, the enterprise needed to update its file-sharing practices.

Among other requirements, the banking group required a solution that was versatile, and could integrate with an existing authentication directory, SSO, and banking platform. It was also essential that the platform chosen had the capacity to fulfill its strong multi-tenancy requirements.

Why FileCloud

The banking group investigated many public file-sharing platforms to find out which would best facilitate its 40,000 staff and millions of customers. The team concluded that FileCloud was most likely to fulfill their complex needs. FileCloud provided a familiar user environment that would allow the secure exchange of sensitive data.

With FileCloud, they could create a site for each brand name operated by the group. FileCloud had a flexible API that could integrate seamlessly with their existing platform with no disruption to users.

OPSWAT On-Premises DLP, audit capability, and SIEM integration were also part of the FileCloud solution, helping on several fronts to protect sensitive customer data.

The Outcome

The project began with an initial 5,000 users, scaling up to 20,000 within a year. The longer-term goal is to scale up to 40,000 users. The FileCloud support team trained internal system owners, providing ongoing onboarding resources and support.

FileCloud integrated Zero Trust File Sharing℠ at the request of the banking group, enabling a further layer of cutting-edge, granular-level security to protect customer data.

Banking staff now practice transient file-sharing with FileCloud's Retention feature, making it relatively easy for them to comply with data privacy regulations. The enterprise now serves the needs of millions of customers using FileCloud, secure in the knowledge that PII and other sensitive data is completely safeguarded.

Global Banking Group Secures Sensitive Customer Information via FileCloud


Requirements for Robust Security and Integration

Our client is a highly established corporation in the banking, financial services, and insurance (BSFI) sector. It's a global brand name, and in the top four financial institutions in its region. It serves millions of customers in both B2C and B2B businesses, with multiple brands under its parent group.

As with many banks, it has multiple data security and compliance requirements, including those around privacy and data residency. As an early adopter of banking software, our client became aware of the need to upgrade its systems to protect the sensitive data routinely handled by staff. However, the enterprise needed to ensure this was done with minimal disruption to both staff and customers.

The group required a secure content collaboration solution that could integrate with its existing authentication directory, SSO, and banking platform. It also needed to be capable of facilitating the streamlining of secure file-sharing throughout the entire group of banks. Another requirement was the flexibility to allow each bank within the group to use its own distinctive branding in all customer communications and URLs.

Why Choose FileCloud?

After extensive due diligence involving the examination of several public file-sharing platforms, our BSFI client chose FileCloud. Its team realized that our product could be easily integrated with its banking platform, while also providing a major security upgrade. FileCloud would also allow staff to work within a user environment they found intuitive.

Each financial institution within the group could use its own brand identity, due to FileCloud's extensive white labeling capacity. A site could be created for each bank using FileCloud's multi-tenancy capability, and file-sharing could be done via brand-specific URLs. Each bank could grow as required by adding users to their FileCloud instance.

Further security features that added to the attraction of FileCloud included:

  • Controlled Workflows
  • Powerful audit capabilities
  • OPSWAT On-Premises DLP integration
  • Full SIEM integration and alerts for unusual activity

Result: An Enterprise-Grade Solution

With the help of FileCloud support, the solution was implemented enterprise-wide for 5,000 users within a couple of months. The banking group scaled up to 20,000 FileCloud users, with the intent to further scale to 40,000. All of this was facilitated by FileCloud’s world-class support team.

FileCloud delivered on some feature integrations requested by our BSFI client, including Zero Trust File Sharing℠. This allows our client to share ultra-secure archives with customers when required. With these archives, the passcode is not stored within the FileCloud system, so even a highly competent hacker would be unable to access it.

Our client makes extensive use of FileCloud's Retention feature to allow it to practice transient file-sharing activities. This helps the bank to meet regulatory demands with minimal effort through automated data retention/erasure policies.

"FileCloud is the best vendor we've ever worked with, and we measure other vendors based on FileCloud standards. When we ask for something, FileCloud doesn’t ignore it. They take the time to go through the problem raised and see if they can find a solution."

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