Grace Church, DeRidder Finds Fluidity & Security with FileCloud


The Problem

Grace Church, DeRidder, a 500+ strong interdenominational Christian church in Louisiana, engages in a variety of community outreach services from several premises.

The church personnel need to collaborate on files regularly, but their IT infrastructure is based in one central administrative office. To collaborate securely, staff needed to travel to the administrative office, which often caused backlogs on important programs.

Why FileCloud

Knowing a change was needed, Eric Tucker, long-time IT Specialist at Grace Church, considered various content collaboration platforms before settling on FileCloud. He cites pricing, built-in security features, and streamlined navigation as factors influencing his decision.

This ease and flexibility also characterized Eric’s experience of migrating the Church’s data to FileCloud. The 15-day free trial period meant he was already familiar with the functionality when undertaking the data migration task.

The Outcome

Grace DeRidder wanted to give its staff the flexibility to collaborate from anywhere, at any time, while also ensuring its data remained secure. With FileCloud, this has now become a reality.

Previously, the need to perform collaborative work on site regularly caused backlogs on projects. The migration to FileCloud was a complete game-changer, allowing church staff to save on time spent traveling, cut fuel costs, and get projects done with time to spare!

Grace Church, DeRidder Finds Fluidity & Security with FileCloud


A Requirement for Flexibility and Security

Grace Church, an interdenominational Christian evangelical church in the city of DeRidder, Louisiana, opened in 1990. It has since expanded to become an integral part of the DeRidder community. With a 500+ congregation and numerous community outreach programs, Grace had some operational inefficiencies arising from its IT infrastructure.

The Windows file server, located at the church’s main administrative office, did not allow for secure collaboration from outside the office location. Instead, staff working at other premises used by the church were required to travel to the office to collaborate on files related to church programs. For this reason, Grace was experiencing bottlenecks in relation to documents that needed to be created and maintained, such as the pamphlets for twice-weekly worship services, spreadsheets, financial reports, and presentations. Eric Tucker, the IT Specialist subcontracted to Grace, knew it was time to explore solutions that would provide the church with efficiency and flexibility, without compromising data security.

FileCloud “Checked all the Boxes”

Eric began to research ways to address the church’s pain points by looking at trusted online sources. He explored several options, including Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive for Business, Google Workspace, and Citrix. He concluded that FileCloud was the best solution to overcome the church’s pain points. Its pricing and features were appropriate, it had built-in security provisions to protect data, and setup was simple. He noticed during the 15-day free trial that the streamlined functionality was likely to make for an easy transition. Eric found that this proved to be the case, both in terms of the data migration process and training of church staff in how to use FileCloud.

FileCloud is a “Complete Game-Changer”

In Eric’s words, FileCloud has been “a complete game-changer” for Grace Church. Previous restrictions on remote collaboration are now eliminated, due to FileCloud’s powerful, integrated security features. The church is experiencing savings on gas, time, and money since the implementation of FileCloud provided staff with freedom to collaborate at any time, from anywhere. Previous backlogs caused by the need to travel to the administrative office to maintain files related to Grace’s various community outreach programs are now eliminated. Eric anticipates FileCloud providing the freedom to maintain and expand ministry programs well into the future.

“My overall experience with FileCloud was fantastic, from the moment I reached out and got the ball rolling with this. All my questions were answered immediately. I’ve had a few other migrations like this with other platforms over the years, and this was definitely the smoothest I’ve dealt with.”

-Eric Tucker, IT Specialist, Grace DeRidder, Louisiana.



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