Multinational Auto Parts Retailer Meets All-in-One Content Collaboration Platform Requirements with FileCloud


The Problem

A large and publicly traded supplier of auto parts with nearly six thousand stores had a problem.

Their previous file sharing platform, IBM Quickr, was no longer supported by IBM, and as such, they no longer had the system they’d come to rely on. In addition, they didn’t have a way to collaborate efficiently with customers and clients, as they used an entirely different system, called WebSphere, for their supplier portal.

This auto parts company needed a Content Collaboration Platform (CCP) that would provide secure file sharing and a client portal, all while being able to integrate their legacy LDAP user directory that held all their vendor and supplier access accounts.

Why FileCloud

This auto parts retailer didn’t have time to waste. They needed one solution that would be able to provide file sharing and a client portal. Additionally, they needed an on-premises solution along with granular control and permissions.

They quickly found that FileCloud Server provided all they were looking for in a CCP. FileCloud would allow them to keep data behind their own firewalls, while still providing their clients with access to a hyper-secure portal. Documents and other collateral could be shared by their clients and vendors at no extra cost, due to FileCloud's unlimited external guest accounts.

In addition, they could seamlessly integrate their LDAP directory and SSO and continue working without a beat.

The Outcome

With FileCloud, this large auto parts company combined multiple systems into one. FileCloud’s easy-to-use file sharing means that internal teams can better collaborate on projects and share documents and data, while system admins can control access on a granular level.

Additionally, FileCloud’s client portal means that this company can continue sharing, uploading, and downloading documents securely with vendors, suppliers, and partners, all without paying extra for guest accounts.

Of course any new tool raises concerns about lost data or accounts. With FileCloud’s integrations, this auto parts company was able to transfer their legacy user directory.

Multinational Auto Parts Retailer Meets All-in-One Content Collaboration Platform Requirements with FileCloud


A Requirement for a Client Portal and File Sharing

When this auto parts company was founded by a father and son in the 1950’s, they had no way of knowing that their company would expand over the next sixty-five years to become a giant in the auto parts industry.

This auto parts retailer is now a publicly traded company that includes nearly six thousand stores. Of course, as the company grew, so did their content collaboration requirements.

Initially, they used multiple different tools for file sharing and a supplier portal. This worked until their main file sharing tool, IBM Quickr, was shut down, which meant they no longer had a system that would receive updates or support.

In addition, they used an entirely different tool for their supplier portal. As the company grew, the portal required new and increased security and ease-of-use. Two different solutions were not going to work anymore. That’s when the company decided to start looking for an all-in-one solution that would provide security, control, file sharing, and a client portal.

FileCloud is an All-in-One Solution

Content Collaboration Platforms are a crowded field. This auto parts company could have done what they did before and used multiple different tools and apps, but what they wanted was one solution that would solve their collaboration and file-sharing problems.

That’s when they found FileCloud. FileCloud is a hyper-secure content collaboration platform that is constantly being improved and updated and has a great support team. In addition, FileCloud has multiple hosting options, including the on-premises server option that they were looking for.

Once they began to work with the FileCloud team, this company found a solution that provided easy, hyper-secure file sharing for their employees, while still giving their IT admins control over file and folder share and access.

What really sold it though? FileCloud’s comprehensive client portal. This portal allows vendors, suppliers, and partners to interact securely, easily integrating with their legacy user directory.

FileCloud Provides Ease-of-Use, Control, and Security

Where they used to have multiple systems that they had to chop and change to suit their collaboration and file sharing requirements, they now have FileCloud.

FileCloud was able to integrate their accounts in a hyper-secure all-in-one solution that they could use for their employees, external vendors, and suppliers.

FileCloud's server solution and granular controls means that this auto parts company now has full control over who gets data, and when. The client portal enables constant communication and a smooth exchange of documents with their vendors and suppliers - all without having to pay an extra dime because of FileCloud’s free external guest accounts.

With FileCloud’s ever-expanding features and tools - such as no-code workflow automation and Zero Trust File SharingSM - this large auto parts retailer now has a content collaboration tool that will grow and expand as they do.


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