City of San Diego Migrates from an FTP Process to FileCloud Server

IT challenges at the City of San Diego

Running the Californian City of San Diego’s municipal operations and meeting the needs and expectations of its population of 1 million + is a huge challenge. Naturally, the city tries to simplify its activities and processes where possible, but at this scale, complexity is a fact of life. Procurement, social services, city regulations and more need communication and information sharing, often with external partners, to function properly. Digitized information has helped accelerate change and improvement, but also introduced new difficulties, including security and orderly management of exchanges with many external partners.

The search for a better file transfer solution

The City of San Diego needed a solution that would streamline backups, enable secure file sharing/transfer (internally and with external stakeholders) and allow users to safeguard their files. The solution had to be intuitively easy to learn and use, so that non-technical users would be able to switch rapidly from the old system to the new. For audit requirements and employee accountability, the IT department also wanted a solution to keep track of the comings and goings of the various files.

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