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Replace Traditional File Server With Cloud File Server Solution

Built for Team Sharing

FileCloud provides a collaborative workspace that easily manages data sharing between different teams. All the team members can collaborate on the same project in real-time without conflicts. Whether collaborating on a website redesign, on a video presentation, on a document, or business strategy, your team gets the right tools via FileCloud.

Access From any Device

Access files and share documents on the go to any person across the world. Use your desktop, laptop or your mobile to upload documents and share. Stay connected with global teams and carry out work effortlessly. FileCloud Cloud file server solution is hosted in world-class facilities with security and industry standards.

Granular Access Control

FileCloud offers granular access control over files and folders. Allows organizations to manage access permissions at any folder/ subfolder level. Admins can ensure appropriate level of access for every user, by assigning individual folder level permissions or assign certain users to set granular permissions. Also get detailed audit logs and device management controls.

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Traditional file servers are staple fixture in enterprises for file sharing among groups and teams. They act as an important central document repository for employees to store and share documents. While their presence is ubiquitous in enterprise file servers, they have many limitations in new business era where the work doesn’t end within office boundary. Remote work is the new norm. Employees want to access work content from anywhere and any device. Management wants to make sure the sensitive content is shared securely and protected.

A file server replacement should address the following limitations of a traditional file server:

  • Lack of access from web and mobile devices
  • Document versioning capability
  • Recycle bin support
  • Document preview
  • Lack of auditing and contextual search to identify related documents

On the other hand new age cloud tools like Dropbox and Box are great for personal file sharing. But they come up short when it comes to team sharing, granular folder/sub folder access permissions and security. FileCloud offers the best of both worlds by offering the anywhere access of modern cloud native file sharing applications as well as the powerful security and team sharing aspects of traditional file servers.

Access From Anywhere

Access your work documents on the go 24/7 from across the globe without interruptions. Ideal for multiple office teams and distributed teams.

Virtual Drive

Automagically make your remote files (stored on your FileCloud Server) available as if they were stored in the local drive on your computer.

Unlimited File Versioning

Unlimited file versioning guarantees that the chronology of file edits is maintained and can be rolled back to any version.

Recycle bin Support

Recycle bin support allows deleted files and folders to be recovered by users or administrators quickly and effectively if deleted accidently.

Team Folders

Team Folders simplifies enterprise file sharing and collaboration, making knowledge sharing easy by offering common folders.

Hybrid Cloud Deployment

Convert Windows file servers into a powerful enterprise file-sharing, backup, sync, and mobile access platform using FileCloud.

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Top 10 Requirements of File Server Replacement to Cloud

A file server replacement should:

  • Provide granular folder/sub folder level permissions similar to NTFS
  • Provide low latency local access for large files
  • Provide powerful capabilities for group and team sharing
  • Provide file locking and conflict resolution features to assist effective collaboration
  • Offer detail audit trail capabilities to secure enterprise content
  • Offer not only access from PCs but also from web and mobile
  • Provide unlimited file versioning to protect from accidental overwrites
  • Offer trash/recycle bin to protect from accidental deletes
  • Provide effective disaster recovery and data redundancy capabilities
  • Offer powerful search capabilities to find relevant documents faster


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