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FileCloud's Superior Cloud DLP Capabilities

Remote Wipe

Administrators have the option to remote wipe devices like laptops and smartphones. This means that if a device is lost or stolen, data can be remotely wiped, and the device(s) blocked and removed from the system.

360* Protection

FileCloud offers 360* protection with control of user actions (share, download, login) based on IP, user type, metadata, and other rules. This integrates with SIEM tools already in use in your company.

Smart Content Classification

Smart content classification works in conjunction with our 360* smart DLP which helps create strong data leak prevention.

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Data Loss Prevention

Cloud Data Loss Prevention for Companies and Organizations

Privacy requirements increase day by day. It’s vital that organizations and companies monitor malicious or accidental leaks that could result in lost data. This lost data can cost companies hundreds of thousands of dollars alongside lost consumer confidence and a tarnished reputation.

Data leakage or loss can occur at end points, during transit, or while data is at rest. Data at rest DLP protection relies on encryption and physical security, but endpoint DLP relies on restricting or revoking access to data at the user end.

Data loss prevention for cloud is especially critical when it comes to sensitive or protected information like personal, health, or financial information. This protection often also needs to work in conjunction with ITAR, HIPAA, and GDPR regulations.

FileCloud Offers Robust DLP

FileCloud has a robust data leak prevention (DLP) system in place that protects your data at all points. It allows administrators to control and change which users can access/edit/download or transfer files/folders. Our solution integrates with major technologies and operating systems including data loss prevention for Linux & Windows.


FileCloud’s Smart Classification works together with DLP to seamlessly automate and strengthen protections.

FileCloud has many ways to prevent data loss including:


  • FileCloud activity logs captures the What, When, Who, and How attributes of every user action within the system.
  • Admins can view all devices accessing data using FileCloud and monitor suspicious activities in real time.
  • Admins can view all file shares (Public and Private).
  • Admins can filter audit logs based on file name, operation (shared, download or upload), or user name.


  • In case of any suspicious activity, admins can send notifications to devices, selectively block devices, or permanently remove users from accessing data, protecting files from loss.
  • Admins can modify/delete individual user shares if sensitive material is shared accidentally.
  • Users can set expiry dates and download limits for their file shares to prevent unauthorized usage.
  • Two factor authentication using email or OTP (Google Authenticator).


  • In case of a suspicious activity, admins can block user access to FileCloud data.
  • In case of a breach, Admins can remotely wipe FileCloud data on used devices.

Personalized Branding

Companies and organizations can maintain their branding with customizable options for URLs, images, email templates and internal messages.

Client Portal

Client portals can be created in FileCloud for free, allowing companies and organizations to provide a place for clients to access and share documents and data securely and easily.

Free, Unlimited External Accounts

With FileCloud, external accounts don’t cost extra. In fact they’re unlimited, allowing clients to access important information and documents.


FileCloud has advanced digital rights permissions that protects documents again IP theft, piracy, and leaks. This includes prevention of unauthorized sharing, screenshots, and downloads, along with restriction/revoking of access even after documents have been sent.

Compliance Center

The compliance center within FileCloud allows IT/compliance managers to maintain and enforce compliance with metadata tagging, best practices and recommendations, and separate tabs for ITAR, HIPAA, and GDPR compliance.

Real-Time Data Leak Protection

FileCloud offers real-time DLP with a simple, flexible rule-driven system that prevents accidental leaks and data losses.

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