Desktop Edit with FileCloud

A new way to manage and collaborate on files with FileCloud Sync

Edit in Desktop appears as an option with FileCloud version 21.2 and beyond. At the click of a button, users can download and edit a file in its native application. Saving the file syncs changes in FileCloud without needing to upload a new version.

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Integrated with Existing Options

Experience the same FileCloud functionality and familiarity in the user portal. Right-click a file to see the full array of file options, including the “Edit with” button. The Desktop Edit dashboard maintains a similar user interface with FileCloud Sync and Drive.

Interactive Dashboard

The Desktop Edit dashboard provides easy access to your high-touch files. Pick up where you left off through the Files tab and monitor changes or shares in the Activities tab. Users can also configure Settings and access Help.

Simple & Streamlined

The common UI across all the FileCloud platforms (browser, desktop clients, mobile apps, etc.) makes it easy to find, upload, update, download, and share files of all types and sizes. Intuitive and clearly marked options enable you to leverage the full power of FileCloud.

FileCloud strives to solve real problems between technology and productivity. Enabling users to edit and collaborate on files in real time is one small example that makes a big impact on daily work.

With the Sync Client and Drive Application, users are empowered to work with files, online and offline. Any changes sync automatically with their FileCloud account. This powerful software answers a major need to be able to review and update documents with ease.

Integrations have also made a big difference in the extensibility of FileCloud across other commonly used software, including Microsoft 365 and OnlyOffice. These integrations streamlined the process of opening files in their native clients and sync any changes made to files, without having to manually switch between FileCloud and the external application or needing to upload the newest version into the FileCloud environment.

These solutions improve user accessibility and autonomy; however, there remained an opportunity to make this process even better.

FileCloud Desktop Edit Configuration Preview

Enter Desktop Edit

Desktop Edit supports file editing for a wide variety of file types, including Office, Collabera CODE, OnlyOffice, text, markdown, HTML, and log files. Users can expand file options in their FileCloud environment and select “Edit in Desktop.” This selection will download the file and open it automatically in the relevant application. No latency, no converted or translated environments; everything is exactly where you expect it to be.

FileCloud UI Preview

How it Works

Desktop Edit runs through FileCloud’s Sync Client, which means they cannot be used at the same time. Installing the Desktop Edit application is quick and painless: the installation wizard takes care of configuration.

After logging in with your FileCloud credentials, you will be able to access the Desktop Edit dashboard, an intuitive UI that puts high-touch files right at your fingertips. Tabs at the bottom of the application offer quick access to recent files and activities, as well as settings and help. Users can also monitor and work in files directly from the dashboard.

Users can access the Desktop Edit feature through the user portal. FileCloud has built-in editors for certain applications. In this case, Desktop Edit will appear as “Edit in [application name]” in the dropdown menu for the file. If there is no associated application in the user’s desktop, the Desktop Edit feature will appear simply as “Edit in Desktop.”

Saving the document will trigger Desktop Edit to sync the file in your FileCloud user portal. There is no additional step needed to update your file.

FileCloud UI Preview

Industry Examples/Testimonials


Collaborate on project files on the road, in your office, or onsite with clients. Flexible share options, access across devices, and no file size restrictions.

Information Technology

“With FileCloud we’re able to securely access our internal network shares from anywhere, while maintaining current NTFS permissions.” – Ideal Integrations


Robust security and HIPAA-compliant file sharing make it easy to coordinate between providers and insurance companies to streamline patient care.


“FileCloud makes it easy to access and share large files among employees.” – Productions J


Protect confidential information in your self-hosted FileCloud server; apply powerful features like smart content classification and remote device management.

Financial Services

“FileCloud gave us terrific support and even discussed future code changes while we were only using the trial license” –Cadaret, Grant, & Co.


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