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Some of the digital rights management services offered by FileCloud are:

Flexible Protection Methods

The digital rights management (DRM) software services at FileCloud safeguards your intellectual property and digital contents with manual and automated protection methods. It is highly crucial when it comes to online privacy and the illegal sharing of files.

Easy Authentication and Onboarding

FileCloud, with the help of its digital rights management software, enables you easy access to the files, where the recipients can receive drm protected files in just a click. It also allows its users to authenticate using various SSOs, including Google.

Tracking and Revoking

You can track all the files at your convenience to keep a note of their accessibility, along with the details on what and when have the changes been done on the files. FileCloud, with the help of its drm software features, ensures that the confidentiality of your enterprise is not compromised.

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FileCloud, being the provider of digital rights management services by way of software, is dedicated to providing you with the best solutions that can protect control your copyrighted digital material along with safeguarding sensitive information, documents, and digital assets with data security controls in your organization.

What is Digital Rights Management Software in FileCloud? 

Digital rights management software is a type of technology used by FileCloud that helps control and manage the confidential and sensitive documents of an enterprise. It is highly crucial as it spreads through peer-to-peer file exchanges, online privacy, and torrent sites. It offers organizations protection from cybersecurity challenges.

Digital Rights Management in Software Security

Although the digital rights management technology comes either in the form of software or hardware solutions. However, FileCloud offers software security facilities through this technology. It allows the organizations seeking such services to prevent unauthorized usage of their secured files and offers controlled access to their documents. These services are offered to enterprises in various ways.


This is one of the best ways to enable creators or copyright holders to track unauthorized usage. FileCloud’s DRM software helps ensure that the watermark stays with the files, even when they are copied or manipulated.



Metadata is one of the features of DRM software that allows the licensing & copyright law and information to be monitored. This feature of FileCloud’s DRM technologies helps track licensing details to avoid unauthorized usage.

License Agreements

Various organizations use license agreement features that require the users to read and agree to their license agreements (end-user license agreement (EULA)). It is one of the attributes provided by the DRM software of FileCloud, that facilitates organizations to protect and control their assets from unauthorized access.

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What is the Function of Digital Rights Management Software in FileCloud?

The digital rights management software application FileCloud facilitates your organization to set and impose protection against your copyright such as important files and other confidential documents. With this exclusive feature, you can easily safeguard your digital files from unauthorized redistribution. It is because of its outstanding features that it has become popular in organizations.

Protects Sensitive Document

The digital rights management software at FileCloud enables your organization to secure business-sensitive documents for vendors. It keeps a track of all the files that have been accessed by the employees/members in your enterprise and also shields them from being altered, duplicated, saved, or printed.

Multiple File Format Supported

FileCloud DRM software is specifically designed in a way that supports multiple file formats. Some such formats include MS Office (Word, Excel, PPT, etc.), Image (jpeg, png), PDF,  for ebooks, etc. For this, you don’t need to create a separate media container for each file types of drm like video, pdf, etc. You can rather include them in a single container for encrypted documents.

Enterprise-Record Management

Since government regulations and legal mandates are on the rise to avoid data theft and cyber crimes, it has become necessary for organizations to secure their corporate files and sensitive documents. FileCloud’s digital rights management software plays a crucial role here by identifying the information to be retained as records to manage it throughout the lifecycle, so that it can be fetched as and when required for the legal proceedings or internal processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Digital Rights Management Software Do?

Digital rights management software is a technology that allows organizations to manage and control access to their copyrighted materials. It is one of the best technology used by FileCloud to prevent businesses from unauthorized distribution of their digital assets.

What is The Rights Management Software?

Rights management is a term fabricated by technicians for controlling the systems in an organization. It allows the rights owner to possess control over their information as immediately as possible. This as a result safeguards the intellectual property rights of enterprises by preventing unauthorized sharing.

What are the Benefits of Digital Rights Management? 

Some of the benefits of digital rights management software are as follows:

1) The DRM installed documents can be sent and delivered to end-users without requiring any plugins and passwords.

2) These are future-proofed.

3) Work in accordance with advanced PDF editors.

How Does Digital Rights Management Software Work?

Since the beginning of the digital age, the organizations that are copyright holders have been looking for a feasible solution to their piracy problems. The digital rights management software of FileCloud, in this regard, provides one of the best, effective and non-intrusive solutions to protect the intellectual property of such organizations.

Here are the following ways drm works

Steps Ways

STEP 1 As a part of the packaging process, the digital contents are encrypted and need to be unlocked by a secret encryption key.
STEP 2 This encryption key is bundled with a digital license containing rules about the content usage.
STEP 3 Whenever the user requests to view a content, FileCloud checks for the available license.
STEP 4 Once satisfied with the license, FileCloud provides a token of validation to the user (organization/enterprise).
STEP 5 This token of validation, prompts the receiving device that it is now okay to decrypt the content.

For a better understanding of the use of digital rights management in software security, and how it works, you can view this video.

What are the Objectives of Digital Rights Management Software in FileCloud?

Copying a content or information has become an age-old phenomenon, and technological advancements have made piracy even easier. According to research published by the US Chamber of commerce, the global innovation policy estimates that online piracy costs the US economy about $ 29.2 billion each year. This is a major concern at a global scale. However, better digital rights management (DRM) policy can help overcome it, thereby providing the best solution to business organizations.


The core objective of digital rights management software (drm) is the protection and governance of information stored in the organization. These objectives are achieved in the following ways, in the order explained in the table.


Processes Explanation
Encryption To prevent unauthorized usage and copying, valuable contents and documents are encrypted.
Governance There are certain sets of guidelines, as a part of governance, that need to be met to use the encryption key.
Authentication After meeting the terms and guidelines, the user is identified and FileCloud receives the authorization to encrypt the contents.
Enforcements In order to ensure that the user still meets the terms of the license, FileCloud keeps a regular check on the user's authorization.

According to a research conducted by Muvi, the use of DRM software market has increased to 18% since 2012, as illustrated through an example in the image below.

Tech Targets Suggest that “Digital rights management (DRM) is a systematic approach to copyright protection for digital media. The purpose of DRM is to prevent unauthorized redistribution of digital media and restrict the ways consumers can copy content they’ve purchased.



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