Smart DLP Expression Builder

Create your own DLP rules with FileCloud’s Expression Builder.

Data Leak Prevention (DLP) is an important element in securing your data against unauthorized access. Build custom rules into your Smart Content Classification system with the new, no-code Rule Expression Builder.

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Easy-to-Use Interface

The Expression Builder is an integrated aspect of the preexisting Smart DLP dashboard within the Admin portal. Field options are populated based on your selected criteria, which helps you create error-free DLP rules.

Modular DLP Rules

The Expression Builder supports simple and complex rule expressions. Quickly add new rules with only one condition using the “New Rule” option. For rules with multiple conditions, select “New Rule Group” and follow the same steps.

Expression Builder Support

The no-code Expression Builder allows admins to leverage FileCloud’s customizable DLP. Select your trigger event, consequence (Deny/Allow), and notification preferences without struggling over code syntax or parameters.

With FileCloud’s smart Data Leak Prevention (DLP), you can secure confidential data against unauthorized views, downloads, or sharing. This feature is restricted to admins to create a seamless and consistent DLP strategy. Admins in your organization can find the DLP dashboard by clicking on “Smart DLP,” underneath the Governance header, in the left-side menu.

FileCloud Rule Expression Builder Preview

Expression Builder

With the 21.2 release, creating DLP rules is easier than ever, thanks to the no-code Expression Builder. Even admins without coding experience can create DLP rules, either as a standalone rule or as part of a group.

Starting a new rule is the same process as before – simply click the “Add DLP Rule” button at the top of the dashboard and fill in the fields for “Rule Name” and “Affected User Action.”

However, admins can now choose their preferred mode: the “Rule Expression Builder” or the “Rule Expression Text Editor.” The “Rule Expression Builder” enables you to choose from a drop-down menu to set rule triggers and consequences. You can even build rules together as part of a group, linking them with “and/or” options. The Builder takes care of the rest by generating the code and organizing the syntax.

FileCloud Rule Expression Builder Preview

DLP – Part of Your Governance Strategy

The Smart DLP dashboard helps you stay on top of your security protocols. Review, edit, or pause rules in the dashboard as needed and see a running tally of violations for each rule you’ve set up.

As part of FileCloud’s approach to governance, all violations (whether they were denied or permitted) are captured in unchangeable audit logs. These logs can be exported into CSV files to build and submit reports to management or external regulatory agencies.

FileCloud Rule Update Preview

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