Elevate Your File Security with a FileCloud-Votiro Integration

FileCloud partners with Votiro to provide bulletproof security for your enterprise files.

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File Sanitization for Optimum Security

All incoming files are neutralized of any threats in milliseconds by Votiro. This cutting-edge technology extracts the known good content to reconstruct new, fully functional, 100% safe files. When combined with FileCloud’s security capabilities, Votiro provides potent protection against data breaches.

Flexible Combination

FileCloud and Votiro are both built to scale seamlessly according to organizational needs. Votiro automatically assigns compute power in line with traffic increases. Both products integrate easily with most enterprise infrastructures, are easy to implement, and require minimal maintenance.

Zero Trust Principles

Votiro operates on the basis that all third-party files should automatically remain untrusted until proven otherwise. This “Zero Trust Content Security” stance complements FileCloud’s commitment to Zero Trust principles. Votiro is trusted to sanitize billions of files globally for top Fortune 500 companies.

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CDR for Advanced File Security

Votiro’s CDR technology sanitizes all incoming files, including email attachments and downloaded files. It disarms files by removing any compromised embedded elements, such as malicious scripts and malware. Votiro then constructs a safe version of each file that is fully usable. This process happens in a matter of milliseconds, and works across as variety of file types, including Word and other MS Office files, PDFs, image files, and more.

Zero-Day Threat Protection

Predictive-based methods for detecting file security issues are based on historical data and are not effective for detection of zero-day threats. Votiro’s Positive Selection CDR technology extracts only the clean components of files, ensuring your enterprise is 100% safe from attack.

Votiro has built this technology through leveraging its expertise in the structure of each commonly used file format, as well as some rarer and more complex formats that can hide malicious content that can remain undetected by sandboxes.

Once an unknown file is received, the file is dissected into content, templates, and objects. It is then rebuilt over safe file templates to deliver a 100% safe file to customers.

Protection Against Image Steganography Attacks

Image steganography attacks, which embed malicious code within the pixel data of graphics, are usually difficult for traditional anti-malware engines to detect. Votiro prevents these attacks across the board by extracting only the positive content in all incoming image files and reconstructing each image file via CDR.

Easy Integration

As with FileCloud, Votiro integrates easily. Votiro’s Layer 7 API works with an organization’s existing security infrastructure. It can act as a complement to other security solutions, such as antivirus software and secure content collaboration platforms, such as FileCloud.

Positive Selection CDR

With its Positive Selection CDR, Votiro provides 100% prevention of advanced malicious file-based attacks. This means the need to rely on humans’ ability to spot sophisticated attacks no longer exists, and human error becomes significantly less of a security threat.

Compliance Support

Votiro’s solution helps organizations to meet compliance requirements by providing an additional layer of security for sensitive, regulated data. In combination with FileCloud’s range of compliance support capabilities, the integration provides a potent way to adhere seamlessly to data privacy and other regulations.

Disarms a Diverse Selection of File Types

A wide variety of file types are protected by Votiro’s technology including password-protected files, zip and other archive files; PDF, RTF, and text files; and email containers such as EML, MSG, and PST. All Microsoft Office file types and prevalent raster and vector image formats are also supported.

Rate of 0% False Positives

Votiro’s use of Positive Selection CDR ensures that all files remain functional, but with malicious payloads removed. This means that the rate of false positives is always 0% with this technology. Weaponized files are routinely disarmed with no disruption to normal business operations.

No Quarantining Required

No file quarantining is required with Votiro, eliminating the need for the manual work of removing files from quarantine. This also guarantees user access to files without the delays normally associated with security scans or investigations. This lack of change to users’ workflows minimizes staff training requirements.


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