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Which is the best enterprise content management software?

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FileCloud is one of the top enterprise content management tools in the market. We provide a wide array of powerful features, best for your business.

Metadata-driven Search

FileCloud is a provider of top-notch features like metadata that can be used for searches. It eases the process of searching for a document through default and custom metadata tags. FileCloud’s default metadata tags include PII, PHI, PCI and other labels for sensitive content, so you can find what you need in your cloud software quickly. You can even create a custom search pattern.

Easy Access and Sharing = More Collaboration

You can store files of any format in your cloud server, including common file extensions such as Word, PowerPoint, PDF, images, multimedia files, and illustrations. Anyone who has permission can access the content at any time anywhere.  As an enterprise content management software, you can also share large files without any difficulty.

(DLP) and Endpoint Backup

FileCloud has a smart DLP system that helps prevents data leaks, which can save your business from huge compliance fines. You can also leverage automatic and unlimited versioning of files to support endpoint backups and recover accidentally deleted files.

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FileCloud has received the Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice Distinction for the fifth consecutive time!

92% of our customers would recommend us to a friend.

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“Management is, above all, a practice where art, science, and craft meet.”-Henry Mintzberg

What is Enterprise Content Management?

Enterprise content management solutions strive to bring order to the unorganized content of your business. ECM is a combination of strategy, methods, and tools which are used to manage content throughout its lifecycle. The content lifecycle starts from the acquisition of files. It goes through the process of indexing, routing and archival. The process ends with the deletion of the content from the company’s repositories.

Who Should Use Enterprise Content Management Tools?

Today, content is king. Every business relies on content, which includes the data of their clients, which is why enterprise content management systems offer clear business value. Implementing an ECM strategy, that is, the manner in which a business stores, centralizes, and shares data, can support long-term business growth and market resilience.

FileCloud: the Best Enterprise Content Management Software

Our cloud and on-perm software solutions tick all the boxes when it comes to enterprise content management requirements. We provide services cited as some of the best in the market. For example, FileCloud has received the Gartner Peer Insights Client Choice Award for four consecutive years. 92% of our clients recommend us to their friends. Here are a few more reasons why FileCloud is the top enterprise content management software.

Smart Classification

Our smart classification engine automatically stores your content into logical categories within minutes. Here, you can automate your PII, PHI and PCI discovery. Federated search can also be used to find sensitive content across user home folders and team folders. Smart classification complements FileCloud’s DLP tool and helps businesses comply with data security regulations.

Full Admin Control

The enterprise content management market’s major need is full admin control. FileCloud provides the admin with a central dashboard. The dashboard allows the admin to manage users, devices, files and file shares, and endpoint security policies, all in one space. Our software has built-in analytics and a comprehensive audit system that provide admins with actionable data in the form of statistics and charts on users, network folders, and audit records.

Content Retention Policies

For your company’s content, you can create policies to automate content lifecycle, including long-term management and retention. We offer flexible content management policies including retention, archival, legal, and admin hold. Each type of retention offers unique protections, including limiting user access to files, freezing files so no information can be changed or deleted, or automatically archiving files after a certain amount of time has passed. FileCloud also incorporates an endpoint backup system to protect files from permanent loss.

Customization and Branding

Businesses are known by their logo. FileCloud is one of the top enterprise content management tools that enables you to fully customize your server or cloud platform. You can apply a background image and company logos, adjust the theme, tailor the ToS and other communications, and even host this platform from your domain. This will create a sense of trust in the mind of the users. It can also reduce ransomware attacks.

Automated Workflows

We provide you with a support system where you can streamline and optimize repetitive administrative tasks. Responsibilities ranging from annual requisitions and budget approvals to calendar signoffs and document reviews can all be automated in this enterprise content management system. Workflows can also be reviewed and shared by team leads, business managers, and other business stakeholders with ease.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What are the components of enterprise content management systems?

Information management of typical organizations is often handled by different components that make up an enterprise content management system. The six essential components of EMCs are: capture, manage, process, collaborate, archive, and integrate. All of these plays an important role in managing and controlling enterprise content.

Why do we need enterprise content management?

Enterprises have a lot of unstructured data. These unstructured data need to be organized so they can translate into real business value and data insights. Enterprise Content management software covers everything relating to the content, from creation to deletion. This helps the enterprise work digitally, reduces risk associated with data compliance and security for the organization, increases the productivity of the team members, and provides better services to clients.

What is an ECM platform?

An ECM platform provides both the digital spaces and the tools to organize data in a systematic and consistent manner. ECM solutions thus aid in the organization of the content that supports a company by facilitating information storage, sharing, and access. This organized content, in turn, supports client’s engagement, increases business productivity, improves work efficiency, and enhances collaboration.

Why is ECM important to an organization?

Enterprise Content Management solution’s primarily aim to reduce the risk of data management. In ECM solutions, the data of a business is stored securely. It also ensures that only those who are authorized to access the information can access it. It prevents crucial data from falling into the wrong hands or from being used against the company or clients.


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