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FileCloud Offers an Encrypted File Transfer System

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Secure File Transfers with FileCloud

Secure File Transfer Solution

FileCloud’s secure file transfer solution offers hyper-security for file sharing and storage with 256-bit AES encryption for data at rest, SSL/TLS protocols for data in-transit, SSO, 2FA, ransomware protection, and integrations with NTFS permissions, Active Directory, and other security solutions like McAfee and Symantec.

Easy File Sharing

It’s easy for anyone (even the least technically-minded) to share files with our simple UI and file sharing options like public or private shares, password-protected shares, expiration dates, and the ability to share via email or link.

On-Premises, Cloud, or Hybrid Solution

FileCloud can be deployed as an on-prem solution (FileCloud Server) or as a cloud solution (FileCloud Online). Alternatively, FileCloud offers a hybrid model that includes on-premises and cloud storage; this secure file transfer system helps meet operational requirements alongside enterprise data security.

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FileCloud is an exceptional enterprise file transfer solution due to its powerful features, secure infrastructure, and seamless collaboration capabilities. A comprehensive set of features make file sharing and management effortless.

With its intuitive user interface, users can easily upload, organize, and access files from anywhere, enhancing productivity and efficiency. Moreover, FileCloud supports a wide range of file types and sizes, ensuring that businesses can transfer and share their files securely and reliably, regardless of their complexity or volume.

Security is a top priority for any enterprise file transfer solution, and FileCloud excels in this aspect. It offers end-to-end encryption during file transfer and storage, safeguarding sensitive data from unauthorized access or breaches.

Additionally, FileCloud provides advanced access controls, enabling administrators to define granular permissions and restrictions for individual users or groups. With features like two-factor authentication and audit trails, FileCloud ensures a high level of data security and compliance with industry regulations, instilling confidence in businesses that their files are protected at all times.

FileCloud stands out as a great solution for enterprise file transfer due to its robust collaboration capabilities. It offers real-time collaboration features, allowing multiple users to work on the same document simultaneously, enhancing teamwork and productivity. With robust file synchronization and version control, teams can work on the most up-to-date files without confusion or duplication.

FileCloud also includes powerful workflow automation tools, enabling businesses to streamline their processes and improve efficiency. With features like commenting, annotations, and task assignments, teams can communicate and collaborate seamlessly within the platform, eliminating the need for multiple disjointed tools. By facilitating effective collaboration, FileCloud empowers organizations to
work together efficiently and achieve their goals more effectively.

The Volume of Daily Transfers and the Benefits of Workflow Automation

Enterprise secure file transfer solutions can support better ROI if they include automation capabilities to help manage the volume and velocity of data. Through manual methods, users can transfer to the wrong folders or space, overlook passwords, or delete folders without realizing it. Manual email notifications can remain in the draft folder or be sent to the wrong location.

A secure enterprise file transfer like FileCloud helps automate tasks with Workflow Automation, a tool that helps automate tedious yet important tasks with a drag-and-drop no-code design. This tool can help ensure that documents are reviewed, signoffs are received, and email notifications are sent.

Size of the Files
In many small businesses, the number of transferred files is minimal. Yet, beyond security, one of the main reasons to abandon local devices as an enterprise-level file sharing arrangement is to exchange substantial files.

FileCloud’s secure cloud transfer is the solution for enterprises needing to share and store large files. With no limits on file size and large file resumable uploads, FileCloud eases the burden of sharing large files within a hyper-secure environment.

Guaranteed Delivery

Collaboration and information exchanges between collaborators, vendors, contractors, subject matter experts, and board panels are central business processes.

However, ensuring that only authorized users can access data and that the data cannot be breached are challenges for FTP solutions. Furthermore, the visibility and management control functions that track file transmission actions and provide verification of document conveyance are non-existent in most FTP arrangements. When ensured delivery is a requirement, integration with a cloud solution like FileCloud is the path to follow.

Data Security
When sharing data, enterprises need to be able to know that their private information and files cannot be accessed by just anyone. That’s where FileCloud’s data governance tools and Zero Trust File Sharing® come into play, helping ensure your data is protected from the moment it enters FileCloud’s system, and even providing options like removing shares and share expiration dates once files are shared externally.

Secure File Transfer

Create a secure link to send files or folders to any user. You can even edit files or upload new versions without having to change the original link.

Control File Access

Always know when your files have been accessed or downloaded. You can also control whether users can print, transfer, or download your files. Notifications can also be enabled so users and admins are aware of file access.

Preview Files Without Downloading

Easily preview files without downloading. This requires neither registration nor download of additional software. FileCloud also supports DICOM image and CAD file preview.

Save Everything Centrally

Set up folders and share them immediately. Control each user’s accessibility with seven different permissions, including “view-only” or “upload-only”. Powerful organization with metadata and classification ensures data remains visible.

Work in Encrypted Team Folders

FileCloud’s secure share helps you share business files and folders with your team and choose who can check, add, alter, or see the information. Team Folders offer a cloud environment for collaboration.

Secure Share with Clients and Partners

Use public share links to share business files and folders outside your company. Stay in control with expiring links, password-protection, and download limits. Users can also share with private share links by creating external guest accounts.

Manage User Rights and Changes

Manage Team Folders with different user rights, track changes in files, and restore old versions as needed. Granular sub-folder permissions ensure only authorized users can interface with files.

Remote & Desktop Access

With FileCloud, you can access and share files directly from your desktop, web browser, or mobile device with incredible ease. FileCloud’s desktop client provides access to files like a drive, without taking up significant resources.

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FileCloud Features

FileCloud helps you collaborate, share, manage, and back up company files from any device at any time, while retaining complete control over your data.
• Cloud computing solution without limits
• Unlimited external accounts
• High ROI, low TCO
• Better security
• No large file upload limits
With the help of fast cloud servers, enterprises are now free from the need to acquire and maintain costly servers of their own. Files are managed using simple file folder system with full permissions control for administrators. Easily manage access to files with a simple system of permissions on folders. These permissions can even be customized on a granular level across sub-folders!

“Easy integration of FileCloud with our existing network drive structure was superb!”

Robust ROI

• Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for enterprise-grade features and tools
• Remote access using any web browser or mobile device
• Collaborate with partners, clients, and branch offices easily
• Powerful administration with fine-tuned controls over file sharing
• Audit reports provide file usage monitoring
• Maximum data security
• Consistent branding

“We love FileCloud’s simplicity, mobile apps, and above all, the responsiveness of the FileCloud team.”

FileCloud Offers Scalability and Excellent Performance

A good cloud file server solution must deliver great performance and be able to scale rapidly as business needs change.
Cloud secure file sharing has many advantages, including data encryption at its best, advanced user access controls and the generation of tamper-proof reports. When the transfer of data with external partners is a key process, the relevance of the solution can represent a competitive difference. Cloud-based file transfer systems by FileCloud offers the security, convenience, and adoption speed that make host organizations an asset in a competitive environment.
Scalable – Can be grown and shrunk automatically to support business needs
Performance – Fast servers and good performance without downtime
Compatibility – Seamless integration with third-party apps using APIs
Security – Top-notch network security and access controls
FileCloud offers powerful performance, data governance and security features, compliance support, and hyper-security that can answer your enterprise file sharing and collaboration needs.

“FileCloud is an easy-to-use solution and met all our data residency requirements.”


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