FileCloud Activity Stream for Easy File Collaboration

Activity Stream for Easy Collaboration

In today’s collaborative work environment with multiple people working on the same set of files, we find it hard to keep track of various actions. FileCloud offers ‘Activity Stream’, a feature that provides a quick snapshot history of various actions on a folder or a file.

Automatic Activity Cards

FileCloud automatically generates a simple activity card that shows who, when, what (e.g. downloaded the file) and how (e.g. using a mobile app) of various actions.

Neatly Organized

FileCloud organizes the events by daily, weekly, monthly for easy browsing. Track the following actions:
  • Shared or recently un-shared
  • Downloaded
  • Renamed
  • Updated time, and by whom
  • Change permission
  • Added file to a folder
  • Deleted

Add Comments

Without a system like FileCloud, we keep track of changes by emailing the details back and forth. FileCloud provides a simple solution – an ability to add comments that are tracked along with the file. To trace any details, instead of searching through old emails, you can view at a file’s activity stream to get additional information.


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