FileCloud Analytics – Business Insights on Collaboration and Usage

With version 14, FileCloud has introduced a new ‘business intelligence layer’ that provides insights that help you extract more value from FileCloud e.g. understand behaviors of your team, comply with regulations and detect any suspicious activities.

Analytics – Dashboard

Admin dashboard provides administrators a quick snapshot of the FileCloud system – usage trends, peak usage, access by geo, charts to show storage usage and content type.

Security – Access by Geo IP

Your administrators can quickly spot any abnormal behaviors which could be caused by a potential security breach e.g. unexpected usage activity from a remote location across the globe.

Usage Snapshot and Trends

You can track system usage to identify popular FileCloud applications (sync, drive, mobile apps) or OS. You can identify peak usage time across last week or 6 months to plan your workload.

Mix of Content

Gives a high-level overview of what type of content your team is creating and sharing at any given time for example, dashboard can quickly give you distribution of your files by type (images, videos, pptx, xlsx).


Whether you want to spot suspicious download activities or track popularity of content among your partners, FileCloud gives you the reports that provide better insights and control over your content.

Shared Content – Compliance

Helps you comply with corporate and regulatory requirements – using FileCloud’s shared files report, administrators can spot any sensitive content being mistakenly shared outside the organization.

Audit and Security

You can retrieve all the logins and access details by username, date. Can detect any unusual patterns or track access details in case of an audit.

Plan and Improve

Helps you plan your provisioning or system expansion/ upgrades based on actual usage. You can even identify power users who can provide valuable feedback and help you develop and improve collaboration and internal processes.


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