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Data loss can be expensive, and could disrupt your key business operations hence having a good disaster recovery plan is critical to any business. To help with disaster recovery, FileCoud offers ‘Backup Server’, which backs up your entire FileCloud installation. This feature is offered as part of core product (starting version 11) at no additional cost.

Note that ‘Backup Server’ is different from using FileCloud as a backup system to backup a few files. In case of ‘Backup Server’, all the files, user data and settings stored in FileCloud will be backed-up.


You can backup the entire server including user data and settings. Offers full or incremental backups. Comes with flexibility to schedule backups.


You can fully restore the FileCloud installation in case of any failure. Allows secure backup and restore across Windows and Linux.

Export. Freedom from vendor lock-in

You are not locked-into FileCloud, unlike many enterprise file sharing and sync solutions. ‘Export’ makes moving away from FileCloud simple. With just a click, you can export all or subset of files stored in FileCloud to a normal file structure.


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