Streamline External File Sharing for Maximum Data Security

With an increase in the stringency of global privacy regulations and a need to protect against digital piracy, file sharing can be a time-consuming and costly process. Yet sharing sensitive, confidential documents with vendors and clients is necessary for the operation of most businesses. This is why some companies choose to separate the functions of internal and external file sharing as a way to bolster their security, ensuring that no sensitive information is passed into the wrong hands.

FileCloud has many features that streamline external file-sharing processes and secure the information once it has been shared. In addition, FileCloud helps enterprises to achieve this easily and cost-effectively. Features to secure and enhance external file sharing include:

  • Unlimited free external FileCloud accounts for easy sharing with partners and clients.

  • Admin control over files shared through device management, password protection, Zero Trust File Sharing, granular file permissions, remote wipe, Smart DLP, and detailed audit logs.

  • Comprehensive Digital Rights Management (DRM) capabilities, supporting all the main file formats, to help protect your data by allowing you to:

    • Set limits on files, such as maximum access counts, expiration dates, and geo-IP restrictions.

    • Enable Secure Document Viewer to ensure only small sections of a file are displayed when an external user is scrolling through the file.

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Find Out About FileCloud in 90 Seconds

Last month, popular IT influencer NetworkChuck reviewed FileCloud for his millions of subscribers in a lengthy and informative YouTube video. He gave a detailed demonstration of how to build a private cloud with FileCloud Community Edition. He also described some of the security features available with FileCloud Enterprise Edition, which are unavailable with competitor products such as Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive.

FileCloud’s powerful set of security features and integration capabilities set it apart from solutions such as Nextcloud and ownCloud in terms of enterprise readiness. Check out the highlights in this 90-second brief summary from NetworkChuck!

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Tip of the Month

In summer 2023, FileCloud earned 15 badges from the G2 website in the Enterprise Content Management and Cloud Content Collaboration categories. G2 badges are based on a combination of fully validated G2 customer reviews and the G2 advanced social listening algorithm.

These impressive results show FileCloud as a momentum leader with high levels of customer satisfaction in areas such as usability and cost-effectiveness.

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