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FileCloud Aurora 20.2

FileCloud has been given a makeover! We’ve built a new, elegant user experience for the best file sharing solution on the planet. Today we’re proud to present FileCloud Aurora, an electrifyingly fast version of FileCloud with a smart, streamlined interface.

  • An Exquisite User Interface
    Experience an all-new beautiful and clutter-free interface, designed for all of your enterprise file sharing needs. We’ve taken special care to make sure we did it right – even the little things, like additional mouseover functionality and more descriptive labels and tooltips.

  • Get Work Done Faster
    Sharing files shouldn’t take all morning — or even more than two seconds! Single-click quick actions, intuitive keyboard shortcuts and better filters make it quick and easy to collaborate with others. Other nifty little time-savers include indicators on recently modified files, and non-blocking operations for long running tasks.

  • Easier Navigation
    Gone are the days of navigating through dozens of pages and files — this update introduces infinite scrolling to FileCloud. It also features a better sorting and filtering system, a “favorite” system so you can quickly revisit your most-used files, a side-navigation bar and colorful (and accessible!) cues for each area of the interface.

  • Absolute Simplicity
    We’re all about making your work easier. That’s why our solution is incredibly simple to pick up, with visual prompts, animations and intuitive functions that do exactly what you expect them to. And if by chance one of your users is still having trouble, you can provide helpful “about” notes on each folder listing, just to make sure it’s all foolproof.

  • New Functionality
    Create and label files directly in our new built-in markdown text editor! Plus, you can now copy and paste image files directly from your clipboard into FileCloud to share them, meaning no more tedious downloading and uploading when it comes to transferring pictures.

  • Better Accessibility
    We’re committed to providing an accessible, intuitive solution for everyone. This means responsive designs, disability-friendly support and full-site translations to 6 languages, with more to come in the future.

  • Full Backwards Compatibility
    Been using our old FileCloud interface? Don’t worry, our new solution is completely backwards-compatible, so all of your old files and URLs will stay just the way they are.

    Access the beta site now. It’s easy, no need to download or install anything – just log in and you’re ready to go!

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Phone: +1 (888) 571-6480
Fax: +1 (866) 824-9584


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