Zero Trust Security with FileCloud

Every day, it seems a new data security incident with far-reaching consequences is reported in the mainstream media. This makes FileCloud’s Zero Trust architecture more crucial than ever. FileCloud is also the first enterprise file share and sync solution to provide Zero Trust File Sharing as an in-built part of its offering. FileCloud is trusted by customers worldwide requiring bulletproof security to protect their digital assets.

For good reason, Zero Trust is now widely discussed as the only security framework that can truly stand up to scrutiny in today’s digital environment. To enhance your enterprise security posture, learn about the seven pillars of Zero Trust below.

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FileCloud-Votiro Integration Sets a New Standard in File Security

Recently, FileCloud announced its collaboration with Votiro, a company at the forefront of providing Zero Trust file security. The FileCloud-Votiro integration empowers enterprises to guarantee the safety of all incoming files via Votiro’s Positive Selection® Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology. Votiro protects against zero-day threats by sanitizing all incoming files in milliseconds, ensuring a seamless user experience.

The FileCloud-Votiro solution easily integrates into existing security infrastructures to complement other measures. Actionable analytics are recorded on a dashboard, while files remain functional for end users. Click below for more information about this powerful integration, which raises the bar for file security.

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Data Compliance Q&A Video

FileCloud’s Chief Product Officer answers frequently asked questions about data compliance in the latest FileCloud Q&A video. Areas covered include how to respond to the need for specialized deployments and configurations to address specific organizational compliance needs. Click below to watch the informative Q&A video!

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